Do you get tired of reapplying lipstick? Or just give up on wearing it because it’s always coming off on your coffee cup, your clothing or your baby’s face? I’ve recently found this magic lipstick that DOES NOT do the aforementioned things.

Wearing Blu-Red LipSense and Glossy Gloss
Wearing Blu-Red LipSense and Glossy Gloss

Intrigued? LipSense is a long lasting (4-18 hours!), smudge proof, kiss proof, water proof lip color that really does what it says it will do! 😀

Lips By Caroline // LipSense

There are so many colors to choose from, so join my Facebook group or follow me on Instagram (@lipsbycaroline) to keep up to date with my current stock list.

If you’re new to LipSense, you’ll want to grab a starter kit for $55 (+shipping). This includes a lip color, glossy gloss and ooops! remover and will get you all set up to start wearing LipSense daily!

To ORDER, send me an email ( with your order request and zip code and I’ll get an invoice out to you! Feel free to send over any questions you may have, too!Lips By Caroline // LipSense

Love LipSense and want to join my team? I WOULD LOVE THAT! The cost to sign up is $55 and I will personally help you get your lip biz going! Send me an email ( with the subject: “I want to join your team!” and I will send over tons more information!Lips By Caroline // LipSense

XOXOXO, Caroline