Fiesta FUN Blog Tour + Coffee Shop Dress Maternity Hack

Hi Friends!

Maybe you caught my Insta-stories the other night (@SewCaroline) and saw that I had 90 minutes to get ready for a night out with some friends, so I decided to take 45 of those minutes and sew a dress (hahaha, yes I am crazy!). I was actually really impressed with myself (toot! toot!) but, don’t be fooled. I have 6 day old laundry sitting in the washing machine and just googled “how to get mildew smell out of clothes that have been in the washing machine too long”… you win some, you lose some.

ANYWAYS, I’m here today to share that fun dress I made as a part of Dana’s Fiesta Fun blog tour – yay! I am OBSESSED with this fabric line! I love all things fiesta-themed (maybe because we live in Texas?) and am currently 28 weeks pregnant and craving a margarita. HA!Fiesta Fun Fabric Tour - 7I sewed a Coffee Shop Dress (maternity hack!) out of the Mexican Dress Midnight knit and sewed Tinsley a Molly Romper (romper add-on) out of Zocalo Lemon and Happy Streamers cotton.Molly Romper // Coffee Shop Dress // Fiesta Fun // Sew Caroline.comCoffee Shop Dress // Fiesta Fun // Sew Caroline.comMolly Romper // Fiesta Fun // Sew Coffee Shop Dress // Fiesta Fun // Sew Molly Romper // Fiesta Fun // Sew Coffee Shop Dress // Fiesta Fun // Sew


Happy Sewing, guys! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial + fabric feature!

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