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Over the past couple of months I’ve had the opportunity to work with my favorite sewing machine brand, Janome, with their newest model in the Skyline series of machines. This machine, the Skyline S9, is the first of its kind, as it has a built-in embroidery option. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a machine that has this feature and was so excited that the S9 included it. Since having a little girl a little over a year ago, I’ve loved getting special items monogrammed for her.. so I knew the embroidery feature would be well used.

The machine itself works like a charm. Some of my favorite features include: a touch screen panel, a notification when your bobbin is about to run out, notifications on when to change presser feet and the ease of use despite the machine being so “fancy”.

When I received the machine and started playing around with it, I immediately wanted to try out the embroidery feature. I pulled out the manual and was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was to switch from regular sewing to embroidery. It took me about 5 minutes the first time and there after, only about 2 minutes to make the switch. For me, this quick turnaround is KEY!

I’ve done quite a bit of regular sewing on the S9 as well and have been absolutely thrilled with the outcome and results. Easy threading, easy sewing and the touchscreen interface made it simple to see what stitches you’re using.

I wanted to show you guys a simple project I did using the sewing and embroidery feature with the Skyline S9! I made Tinsley a pair of baby bloomers with her name embroidered on the back – how cute!Embroidered Baby Bloomers // Embroidered Baby Bloomers //

I used my FREE Blousy Bloomers sewing pattern (sewn in a size 12 month). For the embroidery, I chose one of the preloaded fonts in the largest size. I folded the back/side pattern piece in half and pressed it so there was a crease line down the center. I folded it again, so there was a crease line down the center going cross-ways as well to find the middle point. I lined up the center point in the hoop and placed the letters on the touch screen right above the mid point line. This put the embroidery a little above center, and centered going across. (I hope that makes sense!)

They’re so cute and fit right over her diapers! I can’t wait to make her a bunch more.

So, all together, I just love my new Janome Skyline S9! It’s such a fun machine to work with and it’s really simple to use. I can’t wait to share more projects with you for the holiday season – I’m thinking embroidered stockings??

Happy Sewing!

6 thoughts on “Skyline S9 Review + Free Pattern

  1. Hey Caroline, I just found your post as I am interested in the Janome Skyline S9. Could you please tell me how much clearance you need at the back of the machine so the largest embroidery hoop when all the way to the end won’t run into the wall? If that sounds strange I can send you a picture of the measurement I’m after. Those bloomers are too cute! Would they work for a little boy or no? Thanks a lot! Kathy

    1. Hey Kathy! The bloomers would definitely work for little boys. =) as far as the clearance goes.. I am not sure. I am in the process of moving and my machine is packed away until next week.. if I were to make an educated guess, I would say about 18″. I hope that helps! I can measure for you when I get my machine up and running!

      1. Dear Caroline, Hi! Thank you for your reply. Sorry to catch you during your moving. Yes please if you could measure it with the largest hoop and at the furthest point of extension that would really help. Thank you so much! Good luck moving! Kathy

  2. Shes adorable with this amazing fabric. Was taking a look of a few fabrics similar to this beautiful blouse. Found a fews that might work at Moodfabrics.

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