3 tips on Getting/Staying Organized in 2016

I truly love the holiday season, but there is something about the beginning of a new year that just can’t be beat. The new year brings a clean slate and a fresh start. I mentioned at the end of December on my Instagram, how challenging the past year has been for me life and business-wise. I felt in a funk creatively through most of my pregnancy and when I wasn’t in a creative funk, I just plain didn’t feel like designing or sewing. Since Tinsley has been born, I have had a rejuvenated sense of creativity, and motivation (thank you, Jesus!).

David and I started out 2016 doing Whole30 (this is worth an entire post in itself!) and getting on a pretty strict schedule with ourselves to encourage us to work out routinely and stay rested. With this new schedule, I’ve found myself waking up in the mornings to get the day going earlier than I am accustomed to and in these wee hours of the morning, when the sun hasn’t even woken up, I am able to jumpstart my day. It’s usually just my cup of black coffee, my computer, and myself. Heaven.New Year 2016 // Staples + PapermateWith this new schedule, adding Whole30 into our routine (which, by the way, takes a crazy amount of planning), and Tinsley, it was time for me to upgrade to a real live, actual planner. Crazy, right? The planner I chose has hourly slots instead of just a blank rectangle of space and helps me manage and map out my week before it even starts. It’s been a real lifesaver so far. I find myself forgetting less and getting more done.New Year 2016 // Staples + PapermateEarlier this month, I took a trip to Staples to pick out my planner and get some new pens/pencils. Is it just me, or is there something so refreshing about new writing utensils? It’s one of my favorite things to shop for. I snagged some plain black PaperMate pens, InkJoy PaperMate pens, and my absolute favorite PaperMate pencils. New Year 2016 // Staples + Papermate New Year 2016 // Staples + PapermateThese items have all been essential to me getting and STAYING (umm, that’s the goal!) organized in 2016. I have a couple of patterns in the works, a new fabric line to launch next month, plus a secret project that I’m frantically chipping away at… SO there is a lot to juggle ((on top of being a mom, wife, friend, etc.)), to say the least.

I decided to write down my top three tips that have helped me to get (and hopefully stay) organized this year.

3 tips on Getting/Staying Organized in 2016:

  1. Write it down. Goals, lists, to-dos, want-to-dos. Write them all down; categorize and then prioritize. This has been huge for me! For a long time, I just kept an ongoing list in my head. When it was just me to worry about and take care of, this was sort of doable. Not at ALL anymore. Make a physical list, use the notepad in your phone, or use a fancy app. Doesn’t matter, just write it down and check it off when it gets done.
  2. Make a schedule. I am, by nature, a fly-by-my-seat kind of girl. Running a business, being a mom, and a wife does not mix well with this personality trait of mine (most of the time.. ha!) Since David and I have come up with a schedule for our mornings and evenings, and I have come up with a schedule for my days (I have childcare 2.5 days a week for the time being until I finish up a big project I am working on) my life seems to run a lot more smoothly. When I know  I only have X amount of time to get soemthing done. Guess what? I get it done. As my mom has always said: “If you wait until the last minute, it only takes a minute”.
  3. Have accountability. Ask your husband, wife, best friend, WHOEVER, to hold you accountable to getting and staying organized. Have them check in on you periodically to see how you’re doing and readjust as necessary. As adults it’s sometimes easy to not have to be held accountable for the actions that only affect us… so make it a point to let someone in on your plan.

Above all else, though, be flexible. I think the one thing I have to keep telling myself about all of THIS is to be flexible. With a 3.5 month old, you obvioulsy HAVE to be…so in order to keep your sanity, don’t be too hard on yourself. If you run into a roadblock or take a wrong turn, straighten up your mess and get back on track. It’s not too late. =)

I know we’re only 2 weeks in, but I am really thinking this schedule and organized way of living is going to do the trick.. at least for a while anyways!

Have some school supplies to restock? Need to get organized in the new year yourself? Wellllll, all the PaperMate products at Staples are 40% off (regular priced items, while supplies last) this week (January 17th) !!! [think: ALL THE FLAIR PENS! – I’m going to get a new pack for SURE!] You’re welcome! 😉

Here’s to getting and STAYING organized in 2016!

xoxo, Caroline

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9 thoughts on “3 tips on Getting/Staying Organized in 2016

  1. Wow! You sound like me! We are trying to get more organized with meal planning, too (and Whole 30 should definitely make an appearance this winter!) and making almost everything from scratch takes time! And making the best of my time so when I do have childcare, I can get work done and not just binge on Amazon shows. Ahem. 😉

  2. I’ve never tried Whole30, but from what I hear it sounds good! I just finished a three week food detox and was really happy with how well it went and how much better I feel. Now to keep the good habits going! The new year always seems like a great time to start stuff like this. And office supplies… looking at pens, note pads, sticky notes, and organizer systems is one of my husband and my favorite things to do. 🙂

  3. Totally agree with your blog post! My youngest of three children has just started school and with this i have decided that this is my year to excel on the organizational front and achievements! I have written a master goal list which includes a small business course and completing Lauren’s Pattern Workshop and releasing at least one pattern!! Everything went on hold last year and this year i want to make use of every minute!
    Suze x

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