Sloan Leggings

I made these awesome athletic-style leggings a while ago, and planned to take better pictures, but I never got around to it, so I’m just posting what I’ve got =).

My friend Erin sent me these AH-MAZING fabrics from Colorado Fabrics because she knew I wanted to sew some fun Sloan Leggings + I am so glad she did! I do have a soft spot in my heart for the crazy print, but above that, the FEEL of these fabrics is unbelievable. They’re stretchy, soft, and amazingly comfortable to wear. I wear them around the house, at cycling class, and even to the grocery store sometimes. The fabric is THICK and I don’t feel like my skin is showing at ALL. So, yeah, they’re comfortable + usable.

I sewed the full length, version two that features two contrasting fabrics in a size medium. These leggings also have a fun media pocket in the front for your cell phone, which is really handy! The Sloan Leggings were a super fast sew, that I know will become a repeat offender. The only change that I needed to make was tapering the hem a bit to fit snugly around my ankles. Other than that, the size medium was pretty spot on for me. I think if I sewed with fabric any less-stretch than this that I would need to go up a size to a large. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it =)

Sloan Leggings // Sloan Leggings // sewcaroline.comSloan Leggings by Hey June // Fabrics from Colorado Fabrics

I hope y’all have a lovely weekend!




7 thoughts on “Sloan Leggings

  1. How cute are those? I’ll have to try both the pattern AND the fabric as I am on the lookout for cute, comfy leggings. I’ve never sewn with that type of fabric, though; it makes me nervous.

  2. i’d love to know a bit more about the fabric. content/mfg/etc….or a website. i’m not seeing any activewear fabric on Colorado fabric’s site.

    the leggings look great!

    1. hi kim! unfortunately i don’t have this info. like i mentioned in the post, the fabrics were a gift to me. they are most likely a spandex/lycra blend. you could always give CF a call 🙂

  3. I’d also love to know more about the fabric. Especially since I don’t live in Colorado, maybe I could find something similar somewhere else? I’m on a quest for the perfect yoga pant material, for this very pattern, actually.

    1. Hi Felecia, like I said above, the fabric was a gift, so I am not sure of the content exactly. So sorry…

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