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This year, I rang in the new year in true handmade fashion! I’ve always dreamed of sewing the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit, but never got around to it because: TIME. I’m always frantic for time around this part of the year (tell me I’m not the only one?!). This year, though, I made it a priority. The items I sewed were simple makes, but had a fun and glitzy impact!

We celebrated New Year’s Eve at our dear friends’ house (actually, they’re our neighbors, too.. how convenient!). She set up a rad photo booth in her office/studio, so we had a blast snapping photos all night. I snuck into the photo booth by myself at one point in the night and tried to snap a few outfit shots. They’re not the best, but they will do 🙂 Plus, they show off my outfit in it’s best environment: a party!

NYE Picnic Skirt and Sequin Top // SewCaroline.com NYE Picnic Skirt and Sequin Top // SewCaroline.com NYE Picnic Skirt and Sequin Top // SewCaroline.comOutfit details:: TOP: self-drafted dolman crop top sewn from black sequin mesh fabric (found at JoAnn) // SKIRT: Picnic Skirt pattern sewn with gold metallic faux leather fabric from Girl Charlee.

I was nervous to buy this skirt fabric because I didn’t know how it would drape. Would it be too bulky? Too heavy? Too…??? No. None of these things. It’s actually perfect. It’s “faux leather”, but is light weight and VERY manageable. PLUS, the backing is a knit spandex type fabric, so it actually has a bit of stretch to it that makes it easy to sew. I guess I forgot to take photos of the back (oops!) but the back features an exposed zipper (you can see a photo on my Instagram here), which is a neat addition. I did not hem the skirt, just cut it really carefully- no fraying at all! The lining on the waistband is made from a random shirting fabric I found in my stash. I didn’t want to use a heavy fabric, so I just found something I had on hand. I think the first photo really shows how surprisingly great the drape is on this fabric.

I knew the top would be a doozy to sew due to the sequins, so I opted to sew a dolman top because there are only TWO pieces to a dolman. I cut the front and back pieces out and then removed the sequins from the seam allowances on each side of the top. This took a while, but made the top easier to sew, and more comfortable to wear (no sequins touching my skin!). I hand-stitched the neckline, arm holes, and hem down using a long basting stitch (because i was running out of time!) and it held together through the night. Before I wear it again, I’ll most likely re-sew these parts. I wasn’t planning on wearing a tank underneath (showing a bit of skin is fun sometimes!), but Wednesday night proved to be one of the coldest nights of the year, so in an effort to not freeze, I threw on a tank underneath.

So there you have it, my fun + glitzy, handmade NYE outfit!



8 thoughts on “NYE Style

  1. I always want to sew with sequin and then never do because I don’t want to hand stitch everything. Your top makes me want to again. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Years Caroline! Love the outfit, girlfriend TIME is always an issue with me too. A few years back I tried the whole make draft/sew your dress on Christmas EVE ugh felt like I was on project runway…in the end I had fit issues and so it was an epic fail 🙁 never again I told my self. Yey for you, you managed to pull it off!!!


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