Holiday Picnic Skirt

Hello, friends! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I kicked off the holiday season with my annual scarf exchange party on Saturday night and it was a BLAST. I love hosting a few of my friends each year for dessert + drinks to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season. Last year the party fell in the middle of a giant ice storm. This year, it was in the 60s. That’s Texas for ya, though!

Anyways, today I wanted to share a few photos of my most recent Holiday Picnic Skirt. This skirt is one of my favorites because it is so simple to sew (I cut + sewed this in a little over an hour!) and because the drape and cut looks so lovely on. It’s perfect for ladies shaped like me (little waist, larger hips ;)) because of the fitted waist and immediate flair. The Picnic Skirt drapes nicely no matter what it is sewn in, even this quilting weight cotton I’ve sewn it in here! I think my favorite part of this skirt is the subtle hi-low hem. Doesn’t the red just scream Christmas? I love my new casual holiday skirt!

The Picnic Skirt // SewCaroline.comThe Picnic Skirt // The Picnic Skirt //
The Picnic Skirt // The Picnic Skirt // SewCaroline.comAll photos c/o Sarah Delanie Photography

The Picnic Skirt is available for PDF download or in printed format in our shop or at your favorite local retailer.



7 thoughts on “Holiday Picnic Skirt

  1. The skirt is cute, I loved how you styled it! It definitely screams Christmas, but could be worn year round. Is the scarf from your exchange? It’s festive, too!

  2. So Texas. Love the outfit. I was thinking about last year & this year’s weather today. We had our annual parade as did many small towns and Dallas. The weather is and was beautiful for the weekend.

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