Beautiful Dreamer Cardigan

From the moment Shauna of Shwin Designs released her Beautiful Dreamer Cardigan, I knew I had to have it. And I assumed it would become a huge hit. I purchased immediately and got to sew it a few weeks later. I was SO right. I LOVE this cardigan for so many reasons, but the main one is its wearability!

I sewed mine from a knit blend from Art Gallery and love how light weight and cozy it is. The back has a leather accent, that upon first glance looks like a cut out, but is most definitely not (ha!). Honestly, the only slight difficulty I had in sewing this pattern was  getting the back leather yoke in place. I had to unstitch it to the knit a few times before I got a pretty near perfect point. The only modification I made was to lengthen the bodice by 2-3″… I like longer cardigans, so I knew the standard length would probably not be long enough for my liking.

It sewed up in a couple of hours, and I really can’t wait to make and wear more!

Beautiful Dreamer Cardigan // Beautiful Dreamer Cardigan // Beautiful Dreamer Cardigan // SewCaroline.comPattern: Beautiful Dreamer Cardigan by Shwin Designs, Fabric: Bonnie Christine Winged knit for AGF c/o, Leather: Leather Hide Store remnant bin c/0

I’d love to know your favorite cardigan patterns! Leave them in the comments below!xoCaroline



12 thoughts on “Beautiful Dreamer Cardigan

  1. I have been your silent follower for close to a couple years and you are such an inspiration.I know only the very basics of a sewing machine and I haven’t been able to take it up properly because of my studies but soon as I am done..I am going to,and most of the credit goes to you.Just thought I’d let you know that I admire your work so much and you’ve been silently inspiring me all this time 🙂
    -A fan halfway across the world 🙂

  2. Any tips on getting that yoke point right? I finished my cardigan recently and I love it but it was my first experience sewing with knits and I used a really stretchy, lightweight knit. Love the drape but I ended up with a little pleat/fold at the yoke point due to the stretch. I use a piece of interfaced quilting cotton to make the yoke.

    1. I had problems with this too. I did my best to NOT stretch the fabric and to go super slowly. Mine turned out ok, but there is a TEENSY tiny pleat that I wish weren’t there 🙁

      1. Thanks. Maybe next time I will put some stabilizer of some sort along that knit edge that attaches to the yolk. For now, we can just think of it as a customized design element. 🙂

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