The BOMBSHELL Swimsuit

About a year ago I got the itch to make a swim suit. I’ve been hemming and hawing over it for months now scared to start, hoarding patterns and fabric, not knowing where to begin.

Well, guys, I’m here today to tell you that I have no CLUE what I was waiting for! I sewed The Bombshell (by Closet Case Files AND found in Perfect Pattern Parcel #3 — you name your own price and the proceeds go the charity!) this week and fell in love. Not just with the suit itself, but with sewing swimwear. It was fairly easy to pull off, surprisingly, and I even added cups for a little more support (or padding.. whatever. ;))

The BOMBSHELL swimsuit // SewCaroline.comThe BOMBSHELL swimsuit // The BOMBSHELL swimsuit // The BOMBSHELL swimsuit //

The suit took me a couple of days to complete because I was going really slowly (which is not really normal for me, but I think I was trying really hard to concentrate since it was something new). The instructions were pretty clear for the most part. I had a bit of difficulty on one of the final steps (sewing the front piece to the back piece) and I don’t think I ended up doing it correctly. It still turned out alright and I actually like that you can see the bikini bottoms instead of having them completely covered by the suit.

Other than that little hiccup, it was pretty simple. I sewed cups into the bust and that was exceptionally painless. I grabbed a pair of cups from an old swim suit and just sewed them right in- much easier than anticipated.

On sizing the pattern: As I looked over the measurements, I knew I wouldn’t fit in the “norm.” I have a small upper body paired with an athletic-sized lower body, which makes fitting things a bit difficult sometimes. I marked a bust point, a waist point, and a hip point on the pattern pieces that corresponded and graded between a size 8-10-12 accordingly. It worked out great and I love the way it fits. If you have to do this for yourself, just be sure to make your marks at the same point on all the pattern pieces!

I also made the straps skinnier than they were in the pattern. I like the way dainty straps look, plus they reduce those pesky tan lines.

One thing to note when sewing this pattern: use the correct needle (if your machine is skipping stitches, you’re using the wrong needle) and be prepared to do a LOT of gathering. I’ve never gathered so much during one sewing project .. EVER.

To be 100% honest I was a little ANTI sewing this pattern. I didn’t think it would look right on me since I don’t have a super retro vibe or style. I sewed it because I had heard the instructions were clear and it was a great beginner suit to sew. Plus, Sophie looked bomb in hers. BUT, after sewing this pattern I actually really like how it looks on me and all the reviews are true: you REALLY do feel comfortable. Like so comfortable. AND I also feel I can now conquer any swim suit, ever.

OK, bottom line: if you’ve been toying with the idea of sewing swimwear, just do it. You’ll be happy you did. It was a fun, challenging, and rewarding experience for me and I already have a couple of suits lined up to sew next!

SO, as I mentioned above, the Perfect Pattern Parcel #3 includes The Bombshell and several other amazing patterns. Don’t wait, though, it will only be available through June 13th!

PPP allows you to name your price for the bundle of patterns. The proceeds go to Donor’s Choose, an organization that helps with education needs. Pledge over $28 and you’ll unlock the BONUS PATTERN that are the amazing Prefontaine Shorts for women. I’ll be blogging about those next week 😉

Pattern Parcel #3
Pattern Parcel #3

18 thoughts on “The BOMBSHELL Swimsuit

  1. Beautiful swimsuit, you did a fabulous job. I have purchased the Parcel and I think I am going to make that swimsuit soon, it looks marvelous on everyone.

  2. It looks awesome! In my 20 years of sewing, I’ve never attempted swimwear. Maybe I need to find a pattern…. 😉 Great job!

  3. I’m so glad you gave this a try Caroline! I saw you were nervous about the silhouette on instagram. I have seen some good hacks on it to de-vintage or de-ruche it a bit (this one comes to mind:

    The fabric choice is perfect and I really like the look of that skinny strap.

    It looks like you did assemble it differently at the hip. I know this is a tricky part and I’ve had a few emails from people over the last year who were not sure where everything comes together. I covered it in the sewalong here if you want to fix it, but if you’re happy with it, leave it as is!

    1. AH! I knew I should have looked at the sew along! The thing is I didn’t even realize it was wrong until after I had been wearing it a little bit (yes, I wore it around my house yesterday, haha!) I think I’ll keep it!
      Anyway, great pattern. My fear of sewing swimwear is no more and I can’t wait to do it again.. so thank you 😀

    1. haha – i found this one at girl charlee, however i don’t believe they sell it anymore! 🙁 try michael levine fabrics .. i got a few cute prints there the other day… mostly strips 😀

  4. I am stuck trying to make this suit! I bought the fabric a few weeks ago, and I keep coming home after work and staring at it longingly, but getting the jitters and picking up a different project. You have convinced me to give it a real shot! Thanks.

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