Rubbermaid “revolutionary” Dish Rack!

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Two years ago, my husband and I bought a charming home in the neighborhood of our choice that was built in the 1930s. We fell in love because of it’s original hardwood floors, close proximity to all the things we enjoy, and the (comparatively) big backyard for the puppy we wanted in our close future (spoiler: we got a dog 3 months after we moved in!)

Around the same time Sammie came into our lives, our dishwasher broke (cue the sad music…). Just flat out stopped working. It was right before the dreaded Black Friday, so when that day came, we got in the car and beat down the doors of Sears at midnight! (actually, we drove up right as they were opening the doors, somehow got in front of a lot of people in line, headed to the dishwasher we wanted and had purchased it with a confirmation of deliver the next week all within fifteen minutes!) When the guys came the next week to install our new dishwasher, we realized that this dishwasher did not in fact fit into the allotted space. The countertop overhung too far and in order for our dishwasher to fit, we would have to either cut out part of our countertops OR get new countertops all together. DANG IT!

We began making plans to redo our kitchen entirely (because it hasn’t been refurbished since what looks like the 80s), but we are still in the planing stage, almost two years later.. which leaves me hand washing every single dish we use.

Quite a story, eh? Well it’s true.. and I’m super excited to share with you guys the new kitchen tool I use every. single. day: The Rubbermaid Dish Rack.

Rubbermaid Revolutionary Dish RackRubbermaid Revolutionary Dish Rack Rubbermaid Revolutionary Dish Rack Rubbermaid Revolutionary Dish Rack Rubbermaid Revolutionary Dish Rack

Things I love about this dish rack:

1. NO SIDES! which means more dishes, cups, etc. can fit on the rack.

2. Separation silverware holder! Clean, separate, and put away much easier.

3. Sleek design and chic appearance

After posting this photo on Instagram yesterday, it seems I am definitely not the only one in this hand-wash-everything boat! Lots of people either don’t have dishwashers, don’t have working dishwashers, or just plain prefer to hand wash. I personally think the latter of the three are a bunch of crazy people (jk jk) BUT, I feel your pain…

This dish rack is helping me keep my sanity and my dishes clean.

Somethings to note: When purchasing the Rubbermaid Dish Rack at your local Target, you can use the Cartwheel app (i love you.) to save 15%. So, you’re investing less than $20 into this amazing product that will help you keep your sanity. I see that as a win, yea?

So that’s that. My new kitchen tool that I’m loving oh so much! 😀


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