The Tank Dress: Sewbon

I wanted to share some gorgeous photos from my testers this week! My good friend, Erin, made this one and I just love it! She has a fantastic blog, if you haven’t read it!

———–> THE TANK DRESS <———–

The Tank Dress // by Sewbon The Tank Dress // by Sewbon The Tank Dress // by Sewbon The Tank Dress // by SewbonI love the detailing shots she included! Isn’t she a doll? Check out the post she wrote for more info on her thoughts on the pattern 🙂

You can purchase your copy of THE TANK DRESS here!



4 thoughts on “The Tank Dress: Sewbon

  1. Hi Caroline! I’m looking to order fabric from Spoonflower to make this dress. Is there a fabric that you have used of theirs and would recommend for this particular dress? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kathryn, I have never ordered or used fabrics from spoon flower, so I’m sorry, but I’m not of much help :/

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