Fabric Loft Intro + GIVEAWAY!

Who here shops at Target? (raises hand…) Who here goes in to Target with a specific list of things, but comes out with 50-100% MORE than what you went in for? (raises both hands…) Well, I am unfortunately/fortunately going to tell you another reason to watch your wallet when you enter into the land of Target: F A B R I C. That’s right. (select) Target stores are now carrying FABRIC! Can you believe it?

Precuts, bundles, 1 yard cuts, fat quarters.. Fabric Loft has got them (at Target!)! And it super cute prints, too. I love this for many reasons, one being that I love how “mainstream” sewing is becoming- I wish everyone knew how and loved to sew.. and with the inclusion of my favorite substrate at a mainstream store like Target the odds of people learning the craft are becoming increasingly better! (YAY!)

Want to win a bundle of fabrics? Check out the giveaway below…

Want to see F A B R I C at your local Target?? Click HERE to see if you’re local Target carries it, and if not… click on the link at the bottom of that page to request Fabric Loft to be in your area. Because who doesn’t want a shopping cart full of groceries, toiletries, home decor, AND fabric?

Fabric Loft Giveaway on Sew Caroline


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Good luck everyone!


114 thoughts on “Fabric Loft Intro + GIVEAWAY!

  1. Thank you for the giveaway! I live in podunk Alabama and they aren’t carrying it here. No stores in Alabama actually. I submitted the store closest to me as soon as I heard about the fabric so hopefully…
    It all looks so cute!

  2. I remember when Ikea used to sell fabric. I was so disappointed when the cutting area disappeared. Target isn’t carrying fabric in my area yet but I’m going to request that they do!

  3. I love that Columbus has this I had no idea! Yikes this is going to be even more dangerous! Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. I’m so sad they don’t carry this at any of the Targets in my home state! The Motley line is my favorite…maybe I’ll luck out and get some through this giveaway. Think they will start selling online any time soon?

    1. Hey Hannah! Target should begin selling the canvas online at Target.com within a week or two. Unfortunately those will be the only materials available online for now. We are currently in the test phase with their stores and hope to expand sooner rather than later. We loved hearing that Montley is your favorite and we’re so excited with the response everyone has been giving!

      1. Thanks for your reply Katie! I will definitely be ordering some online in a few weeks! I can always figure out something to do with different materials if I like the design! So excited Target and Fabric Loft are teaming up!

  5. Love this collection – what beautiful things I could make with this fabric!!!

    None of my local Target stores carry fabric – such a bummer!

  6. What a great idea – probably not in Australia though?? I will fill in the form to see… And what about the quality? What is it like?

  7. I am so excited about my 3 favorite things being in one place…Target, Starbucks and FABRIC!!! I love the entire Vogue line!

  8. One more reason to go to Target! Been meaning to start a new quilt and would love to do it with this awesome fabric!

  9. I wish I could get these fabrics from Target near my home. I requested from the link above. Thank you for the information.

  10. I am in trouble if my Target starts carrying fabric! I love Target, but I always wish they carried craft stuff, so I am actually pretty excited!

  11. I saw this a few days ago and already submitted my store! My Target is 1/2mi by bike path. Hello, emergency fabric run?? I like all the collections so far, but I could definitely see myself buying the Vogue Canvas 1 for some bags.

  12. I am so excited about the new fabrics in Target! I live about 90 miles from the closest store, but there is one close to my mom’s house and they are carrying the collection!! I love the blue and brown Escape collection! My daughter and I are taking sewing lessons this summer and this would be a perfect way for us to get started! Thanks! Susan

  13. they’re ALL beautiful, but i really like the escape in cotton. having fabric at target can’t be a good thing for my wallet 🙁 we have one store here in austin that carries it and luckily, it’s not the way i frequent the most, but i requested more targets be added. i secretly DO want my target to carry these beautiful prints. SHHHHHH….my bf calls me a hoarder as it is, so he doesn’t need to know about this

  14. I love all the lines from Fabric Editions but I especially like their duck canvas. Unfortunately, I just looked at the list of stores that carry Fabric Loft and my store isn’t among them. Hoping it will be soon though.

  15. Hurrah! My target carries the fabric. I didn’t know this before your blog. I’d love to win. Keep up the great blog.

  16. Yet another reason to go to target and fill up a basket, pay for it, and then come out analyzing the receipt and wondering how I spent so much! # excited! I love the floral and hearts!

  17. unfortunately my local target doesn’t carry it … yet. Wonder how many times I can “request” that they carry it ?? ! 🙂

  18. I just submitted my city!I just moved to nowhere Mississippi (we are military) and I am really missing all my fabric stores back home!!

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