Back in December, a lovely lady from DAVID KIND reached out to me to work with their brand. I am pretty picky about the brands I work with here on the blog because I want them to represent something that I would actually wear/use/etc. in my life whether or not I’d be receiving them for free. DAVID KIND was NO exception. In fact, I would pay my good, hard-earned money to work with these folks again. They’re taking a new stance on the way people purchase eyeglasses online.. and it is so fun to be a part of this movement!

How it works: you sign up here to get styled and you’ll be prompted to attach your Facebook page to your “profile”. I suggest you do this so that the stylists at DAVID KIND are able to see what you look like in your natural habitat and better fit your facial features and style. Then, you’ll be paired with a real-life stylist who takes the information you’ve given them and curates six pairs of specs that fit “you”. You’ll be sent these pairs to try on and then you’ll give feedback on each of them and eventually choose the “winning” pair. Fun, right? It totally takes the guess work out of  shopping for glasses on the vast Internet.

I do want to mention on thing on the quality of these glasses: it. is. outstanding. These are luxury glasses.. not your run-of-the-mill, get your first pair free, cheapo glasses. They are made to last!

DAVID KIND // SewCaroline.com

After trying on all six pairs, I chose the Louis. I have a fairly wide/big face so these fit my face AND my style. Win/Win!

DAVID KIND // SewCaroline.com

What do you guys think? A winner? 😀

Also, what do you think about what I did to The Tank Dress I am wearing? I sliced and diced it to use to complimentary fabrics. AH! I love the versatility this pattern offers! (sorry for the shameless self-promotion 😉 forgive me?)

DAVID KIND // SewCaroline.com DAVID KIND // SewCaroline.com DAVID KIND // SewCaroline.comDAVID KIND // SewCaroline.com

Glasses: c/o DAVID KIND // Dress: The Tank Dress sewn with Leah Duncan Meadow fabrics // Shoes: TOMS

Sorry for the crazy shots… it was SO windy when I snapped these photos. 10 minutes later a crazy rainstorm hit, with hail and all!

So what do you think? Gonna hop over and get styled for some new specs this Spring? You definitely won’t regret it!


4 thoughts on “DAVID KIND: Glasses LOVE

  1. How sad! I have seen several reviews on David Kind glasses and I was just about to order my try-on pairs when they tell me that they are not available in my location: I live in Alaska, not another country. I was so excited to utilize them, so I’m very bummed that they couldn’t accommodate and they are losing money by not working with me. I hope they can figure it out and service more areas!

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