Tank Dress Sneak Peek

Well, if you follow me on social media, you’ll know I’ve been a bit busy since the release of my Out and About Dress. I have ANOTHER one coming atcha at the end of March/beginning of April that I *think* you’re going to lurve. Here is a quick sneak peek at The Tank Dress. No darts. No closures. POCKETS. Shirt tail hemline (my personal fave). And your choice of a casing + elastic, shirring, or NOTHING on the back. It so versatile, so comfortable, and meant to be a staple in your Summer wardrobe.

The Tank Dress Sneak Peak The Tank Dress Sneak PeakThe Tank Dress Sneak PeakI snapped these photos in my studio after I cleaned it up and shot some video footage for AGF Limited Edition. It was a lot of fun!

This dress is sewn with fabric from Pat Bravo’s line Carnaby Street. Isn’t it perfection for a Summertime dress? I can’t wait to wear it! The sun was out this past weekend, but it’s back to 40* + cold again (womp, womp). We Texans can’t handle the cold that well. 😉

I talked with my friend, Erin, tonight for a long time about blog and biz stuff and I left our convo feeling refreshed and reenergized. I want this blog to be an uplifting and inspiring place, and I hope you feel that when you visit me here!

The Tank Dress Sneak Peak


27 thoughts on “Tank Dress Sneak Peek

  1. Love the dress. It looks perfect for California summers. Will you have a longer hemline available for those of us whose prefer a little more coverage? Maybe kneelength?

    1. Hi Diana! I am planning on including instructions on how to alter your pattern to lengthen the hemline (its SUPER easy!) to accommodate any length you’d like! 😀 How does that sound?!

  2. The dress looks so cute! I agree with Diana above, a lot of people prefer a longer hemline. (For someone even just a touch taller than you, the dress will become indecent quickly. 🙂 I would love to see the pattern for this dress have directions to lengthen the hemline, even if it does not technically come in multiple lengths. Maybe that can be one of your differentiators as a designer — accommodating shorter AND longer lengths. Love that!

    1. Hi Sarah- I am quite tall- 5″8 and the dress fits right about where I’d want it to hit. BUT, I am planning on including instruction on how to lengthen the dress, because I know that could definitely be a deal breaker for people. SO, you’ll get to learn an important garment sewing skill AND have the dress the length you’d want it for yourself. Win-win! Thanks for your comment! xoxo

  3. Love it! Cannot wait for this pattern, Caroline! What fabric would you recommend for it? I’ll be traveling this month and would love to pick up some fabric for it.

  4. I LOVE IT!!!! I will Definitely buy this pattern! It looks like something I can make.

    Can I make a tutorial request for us breastfeeding mommas? 🙂 It would be so wonderful if you made a tutorial on how to add a button placket (not sure if this is the right term) to the front of this dress to make it nursing-friendly. I am a newbie when it comes to sewing….I don’t know how I would alter the pattern or the dress to do so. We hit triple digits in the summer, I love to wear skirts and dresses all summer long!

    P.S. My 2 year old daughter was sitting on my lap while I read your post. She pointed at you in of the pictures and said, “Mami, she beautiful.” She doesn’t lie! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us….you are beautiful and everything you make is too.

    1. I forgot to mention that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the size of the straps!!! It will keep my ugly nursing bra straps nicely hidden away! It is so hard to find sleeveless tops/dresses that will hide the ugly nursing bra straps.

  5. WOW with a capital W, just what I want for when we get the warmer weather, I too was going to ask about a longer length (at my age it’s a necessity!) but I see you will be covering that issue. Just cannot wait

  6. I’m so excited for this one! The out and about dress is on the shortlist for this month’s DIY projects, but it sure is getting warm fast! THANK YOU FOR MAKING SUCH AN EASY PATTERN. I’m just not patient or attentive enough to deal with things like zippers and darts and whatnot. <3

  7. I LOVE this dress! I recently started following your blog like a stalker since I started sewing again! My sewing machine is about 50 years old and was my grandmothers.. it surprisingly works like a charm! I`ve been doing very basic things (throw pillow covers mostly) the last week but am planning to purchase the out and about pattern to make that my first bigger project! I can`t wait! Thanks for all the great information and beautiful ideas! 🙂

  8. This looks great…I’m looking for a dress pattern like this so *fingers crossed* your pattern just won’t be in small sizes like the Wiksten dress is.

  9. Can you clarify for me when your pattern for this tank dress will be available. I absolutely love love love it!

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