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Get ready for a week of original Out and About Dresses with pictures and quotes provided by the lovely testers themselves. I am so in love with the photos they have provided for me and can’t wait to share them.

On the fence about purchasing the Out and About Dress because you’re nervous about working with knits? DON’T BE! I gave tips and and helpful hints on working with knits on your SEWING MACHINE! No need to whip out your serger, unless of course you just reallllly want to! Honestly, y’all, this dress is so easy to sew and SO easy to wear. I could wear one every day of the week.

Here are a few photos of me in one of my favorite O&A dresses. I love this one because it’s a neutral grey and if I wear it once (or twice!) a week no one will notice. See how I paired it with tights, a cowl, and my favorite TOMS wedge booties? A perfect casual outfit to stroll “out and about”.

—->Purchase the Out and About Dress pattern HERE <—-

The Out and About Dress // The Out and About Dress // The Out and About Dress // The Out and About Dress // SewCaroline.comDress: Out and About Dress, fabric found here // Cowl: handmade // Earrings: c/o Lily Asher // Glasses: BonLook  // Shoes: TOMS Wedge Booties

PS- I haven’t posted any handmade fashion in fo-evvvva and I felt a little awkward taking these photos since I was out of practice.. so bare with me!



16 thoughts on “The Out and About Dress – Sew Caroline

  1. Hi,

    May I ask is the hem hi-lo? From your pics it doesn’t look like it is hi-lo but from the line drawing of the pattern it looks slightly hi-lo.
    Thanks …

    1. Hi Jess, no the hem is not hi-lo. The illustration was created that way to show that the skirt is full. 😀

  2. How is the neck finished? I’ve never had luck with a knit, except for using a facing which is bulky! Thanks for the info. Did you use a walking foot?

  3. Hi, I am wracking my brain and need help please! I have read over the instructions again and again and checked the pattern pieces but CAN NOT for the life of me see where the neckband cutting chart /pattern piece is! I can’t finish my dress without it. :p Am I supposed to just measure around the raw edge opening and cut a piece of fabric to that length? Will that yield desirable results? I am afraid to experiment on a nearly finished dress!
    Thanks for any help,

    1. Hi! I apologize for just responding. My comments haven’t been coming through! There is a neckband piece that you must have missed, but an easy way to measure for yourself is to measure the finished neckline, multiply that number by .85 (85%) and use that number as the length. The width should be 2″.

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