Uptown Coat by Favorite Things

Man! I can’t believe I’m just posting about this lovely coat! I’ve been sitting on it since around August when I received the pattern. I immediately knew I wanted to sew it with velveteen and a cotton lining. I ordered the fabric, and let it sit there. Partly because sewing outerwear scares me, secondly because the fabric was a little pricey. I FINALLY cut into it around the middle of November and I’m so happy I did- it turned out exactly how I had planned!

I did not inner-line this coat. Mine is only sewn with an outer velveteen and an inner cotton. It is not super warm, but it definitely does it’s job here in Texas.

Uptown Coat // www.SewCaroline.com Uptown Coat // www.SewCaroline.com Uptown Coat // www.SewCaroline.com Uptown Coat // www.SewCaroline.comDetails: Pattern- Uptown Coat by Favorite Things, size 6 // Fabric- Anna Maria Horner Loulouthi Velveteen (I can’t find any place where they still carry this, so sorry!)

Do you enjoy sewing outerwear? I thoroughly enjoyed sewing this jacket and hope to sew some more outerwear in the future!



11 thoughts on “Uptown Coat by Favorite Things

  1. Really cute! I received Colette’s new duffle coat pattern for Christmas and I just purchased the fabric to sew it. This will be my first coat to sew, I’m kind of nervous and excited! And I’m a FL girl, so I need to sew it up fast while we have a few cold days…they won’t stay here long!

  2. Love your coat! I have 2 different fabrics waiting to be made into a coat by Deer and Doe and I can’t get myself to cut into them either. I did make the Rainy Days jacket by Amy Butler last year. It’s pretty time consuming, but it comes together really nicely! Seeing your coat reminds me that I haven’t posted about that jacket!

  3. Cute coat! Thanks for posting it….it made me discover the “favorite things” patterns. I just bought the coat pattern….and about 8 other super cute/wearable patterns…I should probably feel guilty about the shopping spree but then again it’s very rare for me to find patterns that I won’t need to grade up 🙂

    All the best to you and yours.

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