Sew Your Own Ice Skater Skirt

Ever since I made my Big Bow Earwarmer, I’ve been loving on this Crushed Panne Velvet fabric. Its soooo wintery and beautiful and lovely. SO, I decided to make a skirt out of it. It really reminds me of an ice-skater skirt which is perfect since the Winter olympics are coming up verrrrry soon!

Ice Skater Skirt Tutorial Ice Skater Skirt Tutorial Ice Skater Skirt Tutorial Ice Skater Skirt Tutorialfaux fur vest: Handmade, DIY here // gold necklace: c/o Caroline G. Shop // glasses: BonLook // skirt: Handmade, DIY below

Ice Skater Skirt Tutorial

Ice Skater Skirt Tutorial:


– 1 to 1 1/2 yards Crushed Panne Velvet (found mine at Jo Ann for very inexpensive)

-Basic sewing supplies


Step One: Refer back to my Circle Skirt Series, Draft the Pattern from August to make the pattern for your circle skirt. You can decide if you want a FULL circle skirt or SEMI circle skirt. For this skirt, I made it a semi-circle because I liked how it draped. You can do either! IF you decide to do a semi-circle, you’ll need to divide your (waist + 1) by 3.14 instead of 6.28.

Ice Skater Skirt Tutorial

Step Two: Cut out your pattern and lay it on top of your fabric. One edge should be lined up on the fold. For a circle skirt, you’ll need to cut TWO of these. For a semi-circle skirt you’ll need to cut just one.

Ice Skater Skirt TutorialStep Three: Sew up the edges with right sides together. For a semi-circle skirt, you’ll have one back seam. For a circle skirt, you’ll have two side seams.

Step Four: Create a waistband. Measure where you decide you want your waistband to hit. Subtract 3-4″ depending on how stretchy your fabric is (the stretchier it is, the more you’ll subtract). Cut this length by 5″.

Step Five: Take this strip and fold it in half with right sides together. Sew on the short end.

Ice Skater Skirt TutorialStep Six: Fold this circle that’s been created in half so the raw edges are matching up. Then find the “four corners” of the waistband and the “four corners” of the skirt and match them up. Your waistband will be stretching!

Ice Skater Skirt TutorialStep Seven: Sew your waistband to the skirt.

Ice Skater Skirt TutorialStep Eight: Hem as you please!







10 thoughts on “Sew Your Own Ice Skater Skirt

  1. Oh, I love your skirt! Circle skirts are my favorite, and I just discovered panne velvet. I recently made a lady skater dress of of black panne velvet and I love wearing it. I might have to buy more and try making a circle skirt.

  2. So there’s no zipper in this? I’m assuming the fabric you are using is stretchy enough to get on? Is it like a jersey??

  3. Looks very cute! You didn’t need to put any elastic inside the waistband, just use the stretchiness of the material? I just bought some stretch velvet in 3 different colours, deep crimson, navy blue, and black velvet. Going to make a pleated skater skirt out of them! I just made 2 pleated satin skirts last month but because they were not stretch fabrics they needed zippers, but I love the idea of taking a shortcut and using stretchy materials!

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