12 Days of Handmade Gifts: Day ELEVEN, Heather from Feathers Flights

**UPDATE: This post has been updated and will hopefully answer your questions in the comments… THANKS HEATHER! :D**
Adjustable One-Seam “No-Flashing” Wrap Skirt
I am so excited to be here today! Caroline is so sweet and fun, and I have loved all the DIY Christmas gift inspiration. I am Heather “Feather,” and I blog over at Feathers Flights. I love sewing, mostly apparel, and I love my family: a great hubby, a fun two year old boy, and baby girl on the way.
I’ve had an idea for a circle wrap skirt developing in my head for the last couple of months. I wanted to make a skirt that was easy, adjustable and child friendly. This skirt is so adjustable that you won’t be offending anyone if you give it as a gift. It’s really quick because there is only ONE SEAM to sew and no hems or edge finishes!

Even when I lift the part that wraps, nothing is uncomfortable flashed underneath!
You need:
Sewing supplies
Knit Fabric

  • Maxi half circle skirt 3-4 yards
  • Maxi full circle skirt 5-6 yards
  • Knee-length half circle skirt 3-4 yards
  • Knee-length full circle skirt 4-5 yards
Use this diagram to cut out your skirt. You will need two of each for one skirt. You’ll have to put in your own measurements. *When you are cutting from 1/4 height to the center waist circle, cut a tail from the inside circle for the tie.*

Here is a simple chart for quick radius measurements. Pick something in between or the next measurement up.

Waist or Hip Circumference
Radius for ½ Circle Skirt
Radius for Full Circle Skirt
6 ⅜”
3 ⅛”
7 ⅞”
3 ⅞”
9 ½”
4 ¾”
11 ⅛”
5 ½”
12 ¾”
6 ⅜”
14 ¼”
7 ⅛”
15 ⅞”
7 ⅞”

1. Using diagram cut out two pieces of the half circle skirt or the full circle skirt.
2. Sew the one long seam right sides together.

To put on your skirt:
1. Find the seam and put it on one side. 
2. Grab the side that will go across your front and warp it all the way around until it meets with the seam. Hold the seam and one wrapped side with one hand.
3. Grab the other side and wrap it around your back to the front until it meets with the seam.
4. Your two ties meet over your seam. Tie them in a bow or knot. 

This skirt is very comfortable and works throughout and after a pregnancy. The navy blue wrap skirt was worn by me AND my SIL who definitely isn’t pregnant

Who wouldn’t love a new skirt? And you don’t even have to tell them how easy it was for you to make!
You can play with the length for a fun maxi, midi, or mini skirt.
I had to include some fun bloopers. I had a hard time posing with my belly!


  1. These are lovely! I think the spiral effect is great!

  2. Heather, these skirts are beautiful! You and your SIL are great models! I’m definitely going to have to try this!

  3. Those are so cute!!! Genius!

  4. LOVE the short skirt. How cute! You look so pretty! Thank you for the pattern!

  5. Love it! I have a couple questions, though. Are those yardages correct? Do you need more for the half circle knee-length? Also, what’s the difference between the half and full circle? I’m guessing your red one is half and the blue one is full. Thanks!

    • Those yardages are estimates based on my height; I’m really tall so should be plenty for anyone shorter. The pink skirt is the full circle skirt and the blue one is a half circle skirt. The full circle skirt uses lots of fabric and has lots and lots of flare.

  6. I love this skirt!! I’ve linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip:

  7. The “radius” chart confuses me. Would you explain it a bit more please? and I didn’t understand about the ties, how they are cut. Love the skirts and want to try this, but need a bit more information.

    • It’s hard to find the radius of a circle if you only have the circumference measurement so I have already done the math for you. Measure the circumference of your waist or hips and use that measurement in the left column. Then you can find the radius in the two right columns depending on which kind of skirt you want. (I had the table labeled wrong, sorry!)
      There will be a center circle where you measure the radius that won’t be used in the skirt. I just cut the tie into that. Alternatively, you can cut the tie right next to the long edge to make it as long as you want. Do these make sense?
      I’m sorry for the confusion and hope I can quickly help you figure it out!

    • carolinehulse10@gmail.com says:

      We’ve updated the post– hopefully your questions have been answered :)

  8. This skirt has a great look and wearability! I’m finding myself confused with the directions, though. From the diagram am I to understand that this is what the full completed skirt will look like or what half of the skirt will look like? If it is half, could it be cut on a fold or is it best to cut them separately? Could you possibly provide some photos if the measuring, cutting, and sewing process? Those would really clear up questions.
    Thanks! Mattie

  9. Ronda Wiebe says:

    I’m missing something. What is the radius? Height = maximum length of skirt. Radius is …? Waist ?

  10. Did it! So fast!!! It took me about 20 minutes mainly because I was trying not move the fabric around too much while crawling around on top of it on the floor. Just to add to the discussion above about the directions this is what I did to interpret them. Height does equal length of the skirt you want. There is no hemming or waistband going on so I just stood in front of my mirror with a yard stick starting where my waist/upper hip is and measured how long I wanted it to be. This was my “height” measurement. For the short version for me this was 19 inches.

    I used my hip measurement because I’m currently pregnant and wanted a skirt I could wear lower than normal. Using 40 inches in the chart above, gave me 12 3/4 inches for my radius (the distance from the middle of the inner circle to its egde).

    Using my measurements I actually worked from the outside in to draw the diagram above right on my fabric using water soluble marker. I spread out my fabric folded double on the floor and started from the outermost edge I measured 19 inches in made a mark- this is the outer edge of my inner circle. From that mark I measured 12 3/4 inches in an made a mark for the middle of my inner circle. Using the mark for the middle of my circle I worked my way around measuring 12 3/4 inches and making dots until I had enough that I could connect them and draw a rough circle for the middle. I then measured from the edge of my circle around making dots to connect to form the graduating length in the diagram above.

    Once I started drawing everything out it very clear. I cut along my drawn lines sewed my seam and am wearing what is definitely the most comfortable skirt I’ve ever owned!!!

    Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  11. cornelia says:

    thanks a lot for this tutorial! i made my own skirt today and it turned out great.

  12. Hi :)
    I am completely in love with this skirt!
    Is there a video tutorial at all?

  13. Ive been racking my brain trying to figure this out :(
    Any chance of step by step tutorial with photos of folds/measurements etc?


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