Michaels Recollections Calendar Kit

Every year I have a goal to get organized, use a calendar, write stuff down, etc. I get maybe 2 months into the year and I’ve either misplaced my calendar, stopped writing in it, or just forgotten about it in general. When I stumbled upon the Recollections Calendar Kit from Michaels ($39.99), I knew this would be the perfect fit for me. It’s a calendar and a scrap book all in one! I’ve decided to use mine as a place to keep things throughout the year. For instance, I’ll keep items from things we did during the month and arrange them in a a way that I can keep the memories after the year is over! How fun is that.. basically killing two birds with one stone. I’m planning on printing lots of Instagram photos for this endeavor!

Here are some photos of what you can expect in your Michaels Recollections Calendar Kit:

Michael's Recollection Calendar

The kit contains an album to hold everything, blank calendar pages for you to fill with your activities and special dates, stickers and two different sizes of insert cards two write important things, goals, or little notes on. The kit also contains plastic photo pockets to display the cards and your own photos!

Michael's Recollection Calendar *Kit includes inserts for all throughout the year, perfect for scrapbooking AND staying organized!Michael's Recollection Calendar

Michael's Recollection Calendar *Idea: write down goals for the year and put them in your calendar for you to look at throughout the month, year. At the end of the year, go back and asses your goals. What goals did you accomplish? What goals did you forget about? Will some goals roll over to the next year?

Michael's Recollection Calendar

Michael's Recollection Calendar

One of my favorite things about the Michaels Recollections Calendar Kit is that there is a hole in all of the pages plus the front of the notebook so you can actually use it as a calendar throughout the year… you don’t just have to fold it up and forget about it– you can actually USE IT as a calendar! Gah, I can’t wait for January so I can start using it!!

So, let me ask, how do YOU stay organized? Do you have a go-to calendar? I’d love to know!



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7 thoughts on “Michaels Recollections Calendar Kit

  1. I saw this the other day when I was in there. It’s a really awesome idea!! I personally do Project Life to scrapbook, and have gotten really heavy into doing that. On the other hand I adore my planner & use it everyday, and at the end of the year can’t bring myself to throw it away [although really when am I gonna go back & look at it].. So I absolutely adore this concept!! If I didn’t keep a ProjectLife binder I would totally jump on board with this [I almost want to anyways 😉 ].

  2. Oh I would love 2 of these but I see that Michaels does not have an online store. Is this correct?
    I live in Australia and would love to get me hands on 2 of them. Any ideas for your international friends??

  3. I started using my filofax intentionally about the middle of the year this year and ever since then I’m hooked. For the upcoming year I’m still using a filofax style binder but with a month at a glance and also a week on 2 page inserts. Here’s to staying organized in the coming year!

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