Black Maxi Love

Sometimes wearing a maxi dress into the Fall/Winter can be a challenge. I’ve read lots of bloggers give their tips on how to wear this, don’t wear that, layer, layer, layer… BUT, this black maxi I made seems to do the trick all on its own. Maybe because it’s black? Maybe because it has 3/4 length sleeves? Maybe because it’s just plain awesome? I don’t know. I just know that I lurrrve it and don’t ever want to take it off!

Black MaxiBlack Maxi Black Maxi Black Maxi

Maxi Dress: designed + sewn by me (pattern NOW AVAILABLE here) // necklace: Lisa Leonard // hat: Anthropologie, old (similar here) // glasses: BonLook // shoes: TOMS Wedge Booties

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12 thoughts on “Black Maxi Love

  1. I love love lurve the dress! Really, I do. I have been eyeing the penelope peplum pattern by see kate sew for a while but for whatever reason I’ve held off. Maybe it’s the fit? Or fear that it won’t look good on me? I don’t know. I saw that you sewed one up in pretty coral. Would you say your “out and about” dress is different from the penelope peplum? I mean, of course it’s different but like way different or somewhat similar? Sorry for the dumb question. I have a tendency to just buy patterns without “exploring” and end up seeing something I like better after I’ve purchased something. Just trying not to make the same mistake for the 10th time!

    1. Hi Ashley- glad you like this pattern. It is different from the Penelope Peplum because 1. its a DRESS! that can be made knee length or maxi length 😀 plus, con-structurally the patterns are written completely different. The finishes are different, the sleeves are different (the out and about dress has the option for an elbow-length w/ a cute cuff! plus long-sleeved), the out and about dress has POCKETS, etc. The style is similar, yes, but I’ve been working on this pattern since before Kate released her peplum pattern, so I am going forward with it 🙂

      1. Yes, pockets! I’m so glad you are going to release this pattern because like I said, there was something about the penelope peplum that I didn’t quite like but couldn’t really pinpoint. I’m so excited. Thank you for sharing your talents with those less creative like me!

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