Farewell, Summer!

Happy Monday, my friends! Today I’m excited to come to ya with a fun outfit post. It’s kind of a farewell to Summer, because this weekend it dropped below 60* and if anyone knows anything, you’ll know that pretty much means it’s Winter in Texas, now. Here’s to whipping out the flannels, boots, and chai lattes!
Hi-Lo Striped Dress // SewCaroline.com
Hi-Lo Striped Dress // SewCaroline.com
Hi-Lo Striped Dress // SewCaroline.com
Hi-Lo Striped Dress // SewCaroline.com
Dress: handmade // Fabric: Girl Charlee // glasses: Warby Parker // monogram necklace: Initial Reaction (similar here) // navy necklace: Caroline G. Shop // belt: Dillards // sandals: TJ Maxx
I initially made this dress over the Summer and wore it for my birthday, but never took photos and blogged about it. I found it in my closet this weekend and thought it would be a fun time to whip it out!
For the bodice, I adjusted the Rie Dress by lengthening it and adding a cuff to the sleeve. Under the bodice, I attached a waistband (about 2.5″ of fabric) and then created a gathered skirt for the bottom portion of the dress and attached it to the waistband. When the whole dress was complete, I marked on the front of my skirt where I wanted the highest point to be. I laid out my dress and pretty much eyeballed the cutting of the high-low hem. It is a little off, but all in all I really love how it turned out.
Things I love about this dress: its movability (on my gosh it’s comfy!), the alternating direction of the stripes (horizontal on the bodice + vertical on the skirt), and the softness of the fabric (hello, Girl Charlee!)
I really think this dress can actually follow me into fall with boots and/or booties and a light jacket. YAY!

8 thoughts on “Farewell, Summer!

  1. So lovely! we’re just hitting summer here in Australia & this would be the perfect summer dress! definiting keeping my eye out for a cute knit like this!

  2. I just finished a dress like this too! Except yours turned out about 10x better. haha but Twinners!! No they’re not that similar I guess, just the whole multi-directional stripe thing is the same. I seriously think yours is way cuter though, ha I love those candy stripes!

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