Briar Top + Cascade Skirt

Remember a while back when I posted THIS inspiration graphic? As soon as I posted that, I set out to make it a reality. And look.. here it is!
I used Megan Nielsen’s Briar Top and Cascade Skirt patterns to create the look I was going for and LOVE how it turned out.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself is that I love to take risks in my wardrobe. This past weekend someone asked me who my style inspiration was and I honestly couldn’t answer them. I racked my brain and didn’t know… My style tends to be all over the place so I think I draw inspiration from a lot of different facets. This outfit isn’r really my norm, but I am obsessed with it!
Working with solids is never really fun, can I get an amen? BUT, I’ve decided that I want to make a few basics for my wardrobe and it just seemed right to make this top a solid (although a stripe would look nice too!). Girl Charlee sent me this Nude Solid Cotton Spandex Knit and I LOVE it. It is the PERFECT weight and stretch for this top and it just feels comfortable. I’ll definitely be ordering some more of it in other colors to expand my staples wardrobe. Do you like sewing with solids or am I the only one who despises it?
Briar Top + Cascade Skirt //

Briar Top + Cascade Skirt //
Briar Top + Cascade Skirt //

Briar Top + Cascade Skirt //
Briar Top + Cascade Skirt //
Briar Top + Cascade Skirt //
Necklace: Similar Here // Shoes: TOMS wedge booties
Do you have ONE style inspiration or do you draw from lots of different people/things/ideas?

14 thoughts on “Briar Top + Cascade Skirt

  1. This is a super cute outfit. I don’t mind sewing with solids because then I get to do things with great lines or fun embellishments, or show off some great jewelry. But I do have to make a conscious effort to choose them because I naturally gravitate towards prints. 🙂
    My style is all over the place as well… Glad I’m not alone in this..

  2. I have a stash full of solids–full! I love prints for hiding my sewing faux pas, and I’m tired of solids all the time, but look at my stash and it’s a sea of solids. I do have patterned scarves and whatnot. I’m a mom to three busy boys so I wear mostly basics but I’d love some fun printed tops–like a Tova and some Briars to jazz up my everyday wear!

  3. Awesome outfit! I agree, sewing with solids can be pretty boring, but a great pattern can really “liven” it up! I made a cascade skirt over the summer, but haven’t blogged about it yet. I’ll have to share mine soon!

  4. Love this! I need to sew more solids too, I find it boring, but needed!! I have my first briar cut out, I hope I like it as I can see it being an awesome staple!

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