Lulu ain’t got nothin’ on me…

First of all, this is the greatest community. After last week’s post I received so many encouraging emails for you guys on how you TOTALLY GET IT. I honestly appreciate that– so THANK YOU!
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Today is the LAST DAY to email me and jump on board as a sponsor for Sew Caroline this fall. It’s a 90 day (3 month) sponsorship for a really great price and I don’t think you’ll want to miss out. We’ve got Middle Child + Bottom Line sponsorships available still. Please read this post or send me an email for more information.
And moving on.
Last week at Sewing Summit, I had the great pleasure of taking Miranda’s class on self-drafted leggings. In her class we took our measurements, cut, and sewed ourselves a cute pair of leggings. When I got home, I realized my measurements were quite off, so I remeasured, redrafted, and made the greatest pair of leggings I’ve ever owned.
Let me just say, leggings are an awkward thing to photograph.. so these photos are a little weird, but for the sake of this blog, and for the sake of the fact that EVERYONE SHOULD MAKE THEIR OWN LEGGINGS. I am sharing my awkward legging photos with the world. So, here we go.
Sew Your Own Leggings //
Sew Your Own Leggings //
Sew Your Own Leggings //
sidenote: I don’t typically wear leggings with such a short top, I try to cover the bum, but for photographic ease, I am wearing my favorite Printed Palette tank… also, they’re getting baggy because this was the third time I’d worn them without washing…

I sewed these from Performance Knit I found at Jo-Ann. I mean, they’re probably not really but they totally feel like dry fit material.
Once you’ve drafted your pattern, you cut two leg pieces + your yoga waist band (or regular waistband, I think Miranda has a tutorial for that on her blog as well) and then it’s literally five seams until you’re finished. I drafted AND sewed my leggings in under an hour. Plus, I already bought more Performance Knit (heyyyyo 60% off coupon!) to make another pink pair!
So, if you’re feelin’ like getting out of your sewing comfort zone (do it! it’s so fun!) then I encourage you to run over to Miranda’s blog and follow her awesomely written tutorial!
And with all that to say, Lululemon ain’t got nothin’ on me! 😉

9 thoughts on “Lulu ain’t got nothin’ on me…

  1. Hi Caroline, Your blog is wonderful!! I see you purchased the High Performance knit from JoAnns but is this your “go-to” place for knits? I always find our JoAnns is so limited in what they offer – and they seem to offer less and less in fabrics.

  2. Caroline! Awesome leggings and I completely understand the awkward part. I did it myself and it was horrible. I now have a giant picture of my bum on the blog, it’s a very difficult experience ; )

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