Circle Skirt Recap

Sooo.. a couple of weeks ago, we did a week long series on the blog where I showed you how to draft and sew your very own circle skirt– I hope you had as much fun as I did! If you missed it, here are the parts:

Here’s the thing.. on the LAST DAY I had a link up where you guys were able to show off your skirts.. So far, Abbey is the only one who’s linked up her skirt(s) so I wanted to show them off to y’all here! 
Abbey has a blog called Sew Charleston where she sews tons and tons of pretty clothes– she is super inspiring and is a very talented sewer!
here are a couple of her circle skirts:
 photo SewCharleston_zps0d66c0f7.jpg
On this one, she followed the tutorial exactly. You can read more about what she has to say about it here! (love that cute pup!!)
 photo SewCharleston2_zps3fc81480.jpg
On this one, she added a paper bag style waist— which turned out ADORABLY! You can read more about how she did that on the circle skirt here.

There’s still some time for you to link up YOUR creations! Better get to it, y’all!

3 thoughts on “Circle Skirt Recap

  1. I’m almost finished with mine and I’ll link up to my Kollabora page soon. I hope to finish by Friday for date night with hubs! I added a lining to mine which has made it take longer! The tute is amazing, thank you so much! I will always treasure this garment!

  2. I think I’m going to make one. In one week Made By Rae is giving a class how to draft a skirt (with pockets!) and I am going to take that class if I have funds (Starting school really drains my bank account). I’m really scared to make this, because my half-made staple dress looks terrible on me. Tomorrow there is a meet up at Pink Castle Fabrics, and I’m going to get help with the dress. If I can finish that, then I’m going to make a skirt. If you have another link up in a week (sorry I have so much sewing right now), I will be able to link up! Thank you SO much for spending the time making this. It’s bookmarked! And I will make this. You have come SUCH a long way in a year, Caroline 🙂 I’m so happy for you! You have always been one of my most favorite bloggers!

    i know this much is true

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