Mission Maxi + Girl Charlee Knits

Helllllooooo Friends! Its been a while! After the fiasco getting home from the beach last week, its taken a while to recover!
I had a bit of free time and sewed up another stash-slasher. Actually, it has been on my list for quite a while, but I hadn’t been in the mood to sew this particular dress. Does that ever happen to you? You get in the mood to sew certain things? Maybe I’m a weirdo.
ANYWAYS. Back to this gorgeous maxi dress. It was a no-brainer to use some of my Girl Charlee knits for this project. And I even went a little crazy and used STRIPES. I know, I know… people say horizontal stripes are NO BUENO, and hello, this is a MAXI DRESS so using stripes makes you look like one giant bumble bee. But, I went for it and actually really love how it turned out. A blue-on-blue bumblebee.
I went with “View C” on the pattern that had a semi racer-back bodice top and a godet (go-day? go-det? .. don’t really know how to say that one) added into the back skirt panel. Looks like a wedding dress train and I lurrrve it. I even turned the stripes going vertical for that little bit. Snazzy, huh?
So here are a few photos of what it looks like on..
 photo IMG_7243_zps588979cb.jpg
 photo IMG_7259_zpsda947d49.jpg
 photo IMG_7222_zps2bcf7b55.jpg
 photo IMG_7251_zps7e3cdb76.jpg
 photo IMG_7269_zpsf6edd647.jpg
 photo IMG_7287_zps97666cd1.jpg
 photo IMG_7263_zps77e834fc.jpg
Lets talk about sizing for a hot minute. This dress was alllll over the place. I went by my measurements on the back of the pattern and I measured an 8 in the bust, a 12 in the waist, and a 16 in the hips. (I normally wear a 4-6//small-medium) Sooooo definitely couldn’t cut a straight pattern out. BUT what I did was easy:I graded out the pattern to coordinate with my difficult sizing (ie. In the bust a cut an 8, gradually cut to a 12 in the waist and gradually cut to a 16 in the hips down. I copied what I did for the front to the back and it worked out swimmingly. 
If you’re going to make this pattern, I highly suggest reading (and obeying!) the sizing measurements. If I hadn’t read them, I would have cut out a 6 and then would have been crying in my bathtub for 3 days because it most definitely would not have fit me. 
The pattern can be purchased HERE and the knit I used can be purchased HERE. My shoes are from Modcloth and I love them. 

11 thoughts on “Mission Maxi + Girl Charlee Knits

  1. I LOVE this dress and am definitely going to have to make it too! Thanks for the sizing info, I probably would have cut the biggest size of my three measurements, and it certainly would’ve been too big. And I LOVE the stripes! I think they are actually very flattering on you! Great inspiration as always!!! PS- I have just purchased the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern from Sew Liberated and the Boho Dress pattern from Pat Bravo after seeing them here and on your IG feed. I make tons of clothes for my children, but after making the Staple Dress (also seen here!) and seeing all your great handmade women’s items, I say why let the kids have all the fun? Mama needs custom clothing too! So THANK YOU!

  2. I love this dress, particularly with the stripes! Changing the stripe direction in the godet was a great touch too! I’m looking forward to the day when I finally get around to making this one.

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