Shorts on the Line

Over at Imagine Gnats, there’s this fun contest going on called “Shorts on the Line“. Now, I am totally not expecting to win, but thought it would be really fun to participate. And let’s be honest, ever since I discovered the Iris Shorts pattern by Colette (I blogged about them here, too) I’ve been obsessed. Now, I will say that these are the only shorts I’ve ever sewn and probably should get out of my little sewing bubble next time I feel the urge to sew a pair of shorts…
Here’s why I love sewing shorts: they are fairly simple and take less time than most projects (I finished these in less than 3 hours.. hand stitching the waistband and everything!), they don’t take much fabric (even if you have a ba-donk like me), and printed shorts are so in right now. So, if I haven’t convinced you yet.. I just don’t know what else to say…
We will call these my 3rd of July shorts since I sewed them on the 3rd of July AND since I wore them to our 3rd of July backyard celebration last night with a few of our friends.
Blue Necklace: Curated By Kelly // Tank: J.Crew // Shorts: Sewn by me, Pattern: Iris by Colette, Fabric: Bekko from Michael Miller
Oh, and if you wanna participate in Shorts on the Line, you’ve got till Saturday to get your entries in. All the rules and “stuff” can be found here!


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