Sew Your Own Sewing Machine Cover

If you have little ones running around and don’t want them getting their fingers stuck in your machine OR if you just want your sewing area/room to look more “put together”then THIS tutorial is for you!
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You’ll need a about 20″ x WOF* of two different fabrics and about 3 yards of ribbon for this project.
Cut both fabric pieces into 20″ x 27″ pieces (the measurements may differ machine to machine) and cut your ribbon into 13.5″ pieces.

Lay one of your fabrics face up and on both long ends find the center and measure to the left 4″ and to the right 4″ place a ribbon on each of these spots and secure with a pin. Then, measure 4″ up from each ends and place a ribbon on these spots and secure them with a pin as well.Sewing Machine Cover DIY //

Lay your other fabric face down on top of the first fabric and the ribbon. Make sure the ribbons are all tucked in and sew all the way around the edge leaving about a 4″ opening for turning.Sewing Machine Cover DIY // SewCaroline.comClip your corners and then turn right side out and press.Sewing Machine Cover DIY // SewCaroline.comTop stitch close to the edge where you left your hole for turning.

Slip it over your machine, tie into pretty bows….

And you’re done! Yep. It’s THAT simple!

Sewing Machine Cover DIY // SewCaroline.comSewing Machine Cover DIY //

4 thoughts on “Sew Your Own Sewing Machine Cover

  1. I posted this on Alissa’s blog but I wanted to make sure to post it here for you too!! 🙂 LOVE THIS! That spool fabric is SO cute, and I love that this is such a simple project but super useful because it’s important to protect your machine!! 🙂

  2. very well explained.Nice pattern and very well stitch.I love stitching and stiching for my sewing machine is really special.I liked the the pattern and material used.Will surely go for it.

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