Handmade Summer Staples

I’ve been sewing a lot from my stash recently and really beginning to be dedicated to making my wardrobe more handmade. SO, that means actually wearing (more than once) the items of clothing that I make. I love sewing (like LOVE sewing)… so for me, the thrill is to make it and wear it maybe once. Sometimes I get tired of people asking me “Did you make that?” My response is usually a shied, “yes…” I’m not really embarrassed, but I just don’t like attention to be focused solely on me and what I’m wearing. But I’ve tried to pump myself up and be more enthusiastic about the fact that YES, I do make my own clothes (obviously not all of them– I still love to shop!) and YES I am proud of it.
So, after much rambling, here are a couple of my favorite handmade Summer staples.
 photo IMG_6367_zpsf4ba21c2.jpg
 photo IMG_6368_zps07f98f6e.jpg
 photo IMG_6354_zps5fc4aa2d.jpg
 photo IMG_6358_zps491dc26d.jpg
Top: Grainline Studios Tiny Pocket Tank sewn with Robert Kaufman Chambray Union. This was #SlashTheStash project number ONE made from leftover fabric from THIS project.
Shorts: Colette Iris Shorts sewn with Anna Maria Horner Field Study Linen. Also blogged HERE. I am obsessed with these shorts.
Hat: Forever 21 // Necklace: Lisa Leonard
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10 thoughts on “Handmade Summer Staples

  1. Those shorts. Amazing. I love them more than I can express here. Love. The outfit is great and you should be proud. I wish my skill level was that high. Just keep working, right?

  2. I love your outfit, good for you for wearing more of your handmade. I am totally in love with those shorts, the fabric the colours. Totally awesome.

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