DIY // Placemats + Napkins

I wrote this fun DIY post for my friend Alissa’s blog, Rags to Stitches, last month and thought it would be fun to share with all of you as well, in case you didn’t see it!
Sprucing up your home for Summer can be as simple as adding a pop of color to your kitchen. For David + me, the kitchen is where we spend a LOT of time. Eating meals, prepping meals, chatting, blogging, budgeting, etc. Its fun to have a happy place to sit + relax!
Today, we’re going to learn how to sew a new set of placemats + napkins to give our kitchens a bright pop of color!
sew your own placemats and napkins
For this project, you’ll need enough fabric to cut ONE 13.5″ x 18″ rectangle for your placemats and TWO 12″ x 10″ rectangles for your napkins.
To sew the placemats:
Cut one 13.5″ x 18″ rectangle. Press all four edges in 3/8″ TWICE. Then, unfold and trim off the corner (to reduce bulk!)
sew your own placemats and napkins
Refold the edges and top-stitch all the way around!
Sew your own placemats and napkins
To sew the napkins:
Cut two 12″ x 10″ rectangles. I used two different fabrics, but you can use the same, if you want! Then put them right sides together and sew almost all the way around. Leave about a 2″ opening.Clip all the corners before turning, then turn the napkin right side out.
sew your own placemats and napkins
sew your own placemats and napkins
Press it and tuck in the raw edges and top stitch over the opening.
Then set your table with your new placemats + napkins!
sew your own placemats and napkins
Happy Sewing!

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