Tiny Pocket Tank Take Two (and THREE!)

Last year I wrote a post on how much I hated bias binding on necklines and arm holes and hems. 
I vowed to never sew this pattern again because I hated bias trim.
Well, I don’t LOVE bias trim, by any means, but I have grown wiser and smarter and more skilled in my sewing, so I whipped out the pattern last week and sewed TWO more. 
I actually really like them both, so I obviously had to share 😉
So, here is the Tiny Pocket Tank take TWO and THREE!
 photo TPT6_zps59c8264c.jpg
 photo TPT5_zps87940078.jpg
 photo TPT4_zps2351f3ba.jpg
Sewn with Amy Butler voile
 photo TinyPocketTank1_zpscbc3f421.jpg
 photo TinyPocketTank2_zps551c3078.jpg
 photo tinypockettank3_zps2516410d.jpg
Sewn with Tina Givens voile.
Have you ever tried a pattern, hated it, and then gone back a year or so later and fallen in love?
Maybe I’m a weirdo, but I can honestly see myself making many more of these in the future! They’re the perfect  Summertime tank!

5 thoughts on “Tiny Pocket Tank Take Two (and THREE!)

  1. I am definitely guilty of falling in love with a previously and almost tossed pattern. In fact I do it every day with my own made patterns.

    I love the fabrics you used to make the tank!

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