Project Sewn // Week Three: Totally 80’s

Here we are again, y’all. WEEK THREE. Are you kidding me?! I am so blown away by the awesome response from y’all. Participating in this contest has been so challenging and rewarding. I feel like my sewing skillzzzz have grown ten fold + so has my confidence in sewing. Thank y’all for your support, votes, tweets, texts, emails, ETC. for this project– it has seriously been a blast.
And now, for week three, we’re gonna have a blast… from the past.
I was secretly hoping I would be eliminated before this round because… totally 80’s? I am totally stumped. I was born in 1988, so the 80’s for me was wearing diapers and monogrammed bows. And the clothes I did wear probably had spit-up on them.
Looking online to see what people wore “way back then” (totally kidding.) nothing really appealed to me. So I found some silly inspiration from this site + decided to go with a tutu skirt paired with a geometric printed top. I honestly don’t know if this is really “80’s”.. but hey! we are going with it.
 photo dancingqueen3_zps2126f090.jpg
 photo dancingqueen1_zpsbfb1071b.jpg
 photo dancingqueen4_zpsb30e1a01.jpg
The top is simply self-drafted tshirt top that I painted geometric “chevrons” on. The tutu skirt is a pattern from Violette Field Threads (that I, ironically, have been wanting to try out for ages– great pattern, by the way!). 
So, yeah. This is my attempt at “Totally 80’s”!
Head over to the Project Sewn blog and vote for me.. I would love you forevaaaa!
and HERE is how I would style this skirt for 2013. Cute, eh? I need someone to come encourage me to actually wear it in public.. makes me nervous with all the poof around my be-hind. 😉
 photo Collage-10_zps69747179.jpg
 photo IMG_4822_zpse5ae8e3f.jpg
What do you think Totally 80’s or Totally 2013?

14 thoughts on “Project Sewn // Week Three: Totally 80’s

  1. OMG….I would have LOVED that look in the 80’s. Love your 2013 look too. I think the poof looks great, since it goes all around and not just in the back I don’t think it draws attention. LOVE it.

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