My Dog Ate This Dress // at least I got photos first?

That title, unfortunately, is not just a “catchy” one. Its for real. My dog really did eat this dress. She is becoming quite the expensive little pup… Is she worth it, y’all? I don’t know. I really don’t know.
At least I got some pictures first? yeah…
 photo IMG_4268_zps9ec08d5e.jpg
 photo IMG_4275_zps671a009c.jpg
 photo IMG_4271_zps41b96dff.jpg
 photo IMG_4280_zps5f4b70ca.jpg
dress: handmade//Shift Dress Pattern by Favorite Things + Fabric is Rayon Challis designed by Amy Butler // necklace: Lisa Leonard + c/o Caroline G. // glasses: Warby Parker // wrap bracelet: Jessica N Designs // boots: DSW (similar HERE & on SALE!)
and after that weirdness, I’ll leave you with some pretty ::
 photo IMG_4305_zps95efbcca.jpg
isn’t Utah pretty? These pictures were taken while at Snap Conference last month!
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Also, if you haven’t had a chance, I’d love your vote over at Project Sewn this week!
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29 thoughts on “My Dog Ate This Dress // at least I got photos first?

  1. Oh, noooo! My version of “My dog ate this dress” is “My boyfriend shrunk this brand-new item of clothing in the dryer.” Just as bad when it happens, though I suppose a boyfriend is more trainable than a puppy? 😉

  2. Oh BUMMER! I love the dress. And I feel that pain. As the mom of a 9 month old pup, I know that feeling of, “why did you have to eat THAT?! Seriously?! THAT?!” Ugh.

    Also? I love your project sewn dress. WOW!

  3. And such a pretty dress, too! Ugh! My mom teaches middle school and she had to go into class one day and tell a boy that her dog ate his homework (while she was grading it).

  4. Oh that is so sad… this may be one of my favorite dresses I’ve seen that you made! It’s so cute! I must say that yes, the puppy is worth it, but puppyhood is HARD. I have no advice because I don’t have one. My sister has a lab a little older than yours and I think it just takes a lot of time and patience. Stick it out! Think of when she’s older and the reliable sweet loyal dog. Worth it!

  5. Sorry to hear about your dress! 🙁 How funny that you’re linking to LongTallSally, one of my fav stores when I was still living in England. I didn’t think anyone else would have heard of that store :). How tall are you?:) I love your Project Sewn dress, I voted for you! You’re so good at picking fabrics!

  6. that is very sad, but also very funny! i thought of you today when i posted about making your own clothes to fit your style – and then there YOU WERE on the project sewn page too! you inspire me 🙂

    thanks for linking up with dress for the day!

  7. Puppies eat things you love. When I was little our puppy ate my shaggy baggy elephant stuffed animal. I was so sad. Your dress was really cute. I voted for your dress yesterday. I love Utah pictures. I would love to live there except in winter (i’ll stay in Michigan).

  8. Oh no!!! It’s so frustrating when pets eat your clothes! My dog doesn’t do it anymore, but eating bras used to be his favorite thing. I lost a lot of good ones. Such a cute dress though; good that you have pictures to remember it by!
    New follower. Can’t wait to read more!

  9. Oh no! I can relate! My dog had destroyed one of the animal neck pillow I had made for my daughter. Like you say, at least you got pictures. I have pictures of the animal neck pillow. Maybe I will find it in me to make her another one of I have the dog’s word he’s not going to touch it?

  10. Oh!!! That is incredibly sad. I found my way over here from Project Sewn, and I just have to add that I love your glasses! I just had my eyes checked and felt like I was in 4th grade all over again, wanting my eyes to be bad so I could have glasses (is that strange, or did we all do that??) I also love this little shift pattern, I’d better check it out! So far I’ve sewn myself a rectangle (aka skirt) to wear and that’s it. And that’s sad. But not as sad as having a puppy eat your dress (!!).

  11. That’s so, so sad! I’m not a pet lover, so I can never quite relate to stories like this. My sister-in-law was just telling me that her dogs chewed up her brand new leather handbag and her husband’s favorite shoes…

  12. omg. I’ve never actually heard of a dog eating a dress before! Mine ate a pair of shoes, two purses, and some of the kitchen table though. Hopefully you can find time to remake it though because it’s adorable.

  13. I absolutely LOVE this dress! I was hoping to make this dress out of rayon but was confused by the amount of fabric it said I needed. (I’m new to this sewing thing) 🙂 This pattern says that I need 3 yards to make this dress, but that seems like a lot to me for a 60 inch fabric. How much fabric did it take you to make this dress using a 60 inch fabric like this one? I definitely don’t want to order more than I need. Thanks so so much for your help! You are so talented!! 🙂

    1. I Joy, I’m so sorry but I honestly don’t remember.. it’s been close to a year since I made it. Maybe 2 or 2 1/2?

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