3 Quick + Easy Tops to Sew

Today I’m bringing you THREE easy-to-sew tops for SUMMER! 
is it Summer yet, y’all?
 photo TopsCollage_zps24cf324d.jpg
Each of these tops is sewn with a light weight jersey knit.
My one tip on sewing with jersey knit is to purchase a ball point needle, it will make sewing with this stuff SEW much easier!
Also, all edges are RAW edges because jersey knit doesn’t fray. That being said, be SURE when you are cutting your pieces out that you are careful not to have any jaggedy edges!
Oh, and I purchased one yard each for each of these tops and had plenty left over!
Ok, here we go.. Top #1:
Use an existing tank top as a “pattern”
 photo Top1_zps83f78673.jpg
-When cutting out, be sure to add 1/2″ for seam allowance. 
-You’ll cut two pieces on the fold: a front piece and a back piece. When you are cutting the top piece out fold your existing tank in half long ways so that the back piece is folded up in the middle. The neck on the front will scoop lower than the back!
 photo top2_zps376a72f2.jpg
-what is shirring? shirring happens when you loosely wind elastic thread in your bobbin. once its wound, put it in your machine with regular thread on top. Change your stitch length to the LONGEST STITCH possible and then sew regularly. Be sure to backstitch like crazy at beginning and end!
-when you put it on, make the elastic thread face outward + turn the ruffle over it.
 photo Top3_zps77903d96.jpg
-the first squares you cut should measure the width of the top part of your waist divided by two by the length you want your top to be plus one
What do you think? Are you gonna go out and make these adorable tops? 

7 thoughts on “3 Quick + Easy Tops to Sew

  1. I like #1 the best. I’m 54 and think the other 2 are too young for me. I have some good sized pieces of mint, striped & yellow, solid stretch terry I purchased many years ago to sew into baby sleepers. Babies are grown but was wondering it it would be nice as tops/tanks?

  2. Loving top #2. I haven’t sewn clothes for myself since high school home ec….but that top is super cute and I think I shall challenge myself with that top.

  3. I am going to try #3 as part of my 8yr old’s Halloween costume. I think she is going to want to use it as a shirt after Halloween though 🙂

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