Wearing Handmade: Wiksten Tova

I think every time I make a handmade piece of clothing its my new favorite. This Wiksten Tova Top is not an exception.
I bought + cut out the pattern and fabric back and December and it just sat there for a while. I was partially afraid to sew with the voile (in fear that I would mess it up because, hellowww– its gorgeous) and partially just being lazy.
BUT, last week I sewed it up with a group of friends at Sew Fresh and am *sew* happy I did.
 photo IMG_3714_zps0d1b589a.jpg
 photo IMG_3651_zps3c5c3c28.jpg
 photo IMG_3685_zps706be65e.jpg
 photo IMG_3683_zpsb22470de.jpg
Top: Wiksten Tova sewn with Anna Maria Horner voile // red skinnies: J.Crew // flats: Target
The pattern itself was pretty easy to sew together.. there were a couple of things that didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but my friend who were sewing with me had both made them before so they helped me out a bit.
I love the way it turned out & I absolutely love this Anna Maria Horner voile fabric.
Have you ever sewn a Tova? Link me to your version– I’d love to see it!

11 thoughts on “Wearing Handmade: Wiksten Tova

  1. I put projects off all the time because of being a little unsure and partly because I am a procrastinator. Glad I’m not alone in that. The shirt is so cute! I really want to try to sew more clothes for myself.

  2. I want your whole outfit!! But the shirt is especially nice 🙂 I need to get my hands on that pattern! How would you compare the Schoolhouse Tunic and this top? As in, which would you buy first? 🙂

  3. love your tova! this is what i’d like to know-is it comfortable? i’m seeing all these great tops and i want to know how they feel-especially when they’re done in voile or cotton w/out any stretch…thanks!

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