Wearing Neutrals

Usually my attire is jam-packed with COLOR. 
But today? I’m staying neutral. And I like it!
top: atrizia // skirt: handmade // belt: Nordstrom /
It is supposedly the dead of winter, but I’ve pulled out my skirts & short-sleeved tops to start wearing again. Its warm outside and even though the calendar says its February, the weather says differently and I am OK with that! 

14 thoughts on “Wearing Neutrals

  1. You my dear, are adorable! The lace with that skirt is perfect, definitely something you would find in my closet. 😉 Found your sweet blog via WIWW, now following on GFC. Look forward to future posts!


  2. I know this is from a long time ago, but do you remember what type of fabric this is? I have to make a khaki skirt and I am trying to find a good choice in fabric to make your Picnic Skirt! Thanks 🙂

    1. Hey Hannah! I think this is a linen blend? Not really sure TBH, I know I got it from the local quilt shop I used to work at.

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