The Important Things

Over the past few weeks I keep being reminded to focus on the important things instead of worrying about the urgent things.

Are you guilty of this?
Do you spend more time on social media instead of spending time with your family?
Are you stepping away from opportunities to build community and relationships instead of seizing them?
Do you keep yourself busy at all times of the day instead of  taking moments to rest?
Do you focus on all the things instead of focusing on Him?
I am so guilty of this. SO GUILTY.
I use the busy-ness of my life as an excuse for not taking care of the most important things: my relationship with Jesus, spending time with my husband, building a community of friends.
We talked about this in our small group probably over a month ago, but the Lord is continuing to use it to wreck my heart. 
“Let me do this just real quick!”
“I’ll finish it in a minute!”
“Hold on, I’m almost done!”
These are excuses I make on an (almost) daily basis. 
I am slowly that resting at the feet of Jesus is more important than updating my Instagram feed.
I am being taught that spending quality time with my husband is more important than checking my blog stats.
I know, crazy.. right?

If you’re in the same boat as me, I want to encourage you to take some time this week and focus on the important things instead of worrying about the urgent things.

Oh, and I made you a free printable, in case you REALLY wanna be reminded! 

 (Download Mint)                                            (Download Blue)
(Download Purple)                                            (Download Yellow)
Let me know if the links don’t work, trying google docs out and I’m not sure if I did it exactly right! :)

6 thoughts on “The Important Things

  1. Needed this today! Jeremy and I decided over the weekend that from now on when we are spending time together in the evenings, whether it is watching tv, talking or whatever, that our phones stay in the other room. I think our world today has gotten so used to an “immediate” response through texts, etc. when there is no need for this urgency. My husband is more important than any text or comment someone may leave! Someone said to me this weekend, “Flesh in front of me trumps whoever is on the other end of the phone.” (Regarding my attention.).

    Printing this out today and hanging it up as a daily reminder!

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