Sometimes, I need time to step back. Take a breather. Relax. (Read: Not think about how I’m going to incorporate this in my blog next week for everything I do in life).
That’s what’s going on in my head these days.
Right now, I feel like I’m in a funk. A dry hole. An uncreative place. And I absolutely HATE IT. Do y’all feel this way ever?
When I get home from work, I cook dinner, hang out with my pup & my husband and I no longer get that itch to create. Instead, I want to hang with David. Watch TV. Relax. (which, by the way, are NOT bad things!) But, this is SO unlike me. I usually never unplug my glue gun and have 17 projects going at once!
Although I love my job, it is honestly exhausting. I am NOT (I repeat: am NOT) an organized person so you’ll understand when I tell you that a HUGE part of my 9-5 job is being organized… well it isn’t an easy task for me. I come home with my brain jumbled most days.
(top: target//necklace: F21//belt: thrifted//skirt: handmade//boots: DSW//purse: Tori Burch)
SO, while I am getting rejuvenated, relaxing, and BREATHING… please bare with me if things around here are a little sparse. I love you guys. I love this space and I definitely DON’T want to loose ya… but in order for this space to be creative & inspiring I need y’all to bare with me while I get my junk together!

21 thoughts on “breathe.

  1. i think when you have those moments of funk or those times you just need to breathe…it’s a way for your body and your mind to tell you that you are burnt out and need to (wait for it) breathe!

    cherish this time and enjoy your break, friend! 🙂

  2. I love this post. You are not alone, Caroline! Embrace being in a funk, and your creativity will be back. But thank you, for reminding me, that being in a funk and wanting to lay on the couch one night a week is okay 🙂

  3. Everyone here always has your back. And I’m sure most of us can relate! Sometimes, all we can do is breathe. You create the most beautiful things. I’m sure that even when you aren’t feeling creative that you would still create things 100x better than I could!

  4. ummm yeah, I think all creative minds go through this. I think it’s imperative to take some time and refresh so you can come back with a bang! Umm and you are totes adorbs! This outfit is fab!

  5. Hi, glad to stop by from the Pleated Poppy!

    Take your time, take a step back, get recharged and come back when you “feel” it. I have taken many breaks and I think it is ok to give yourself the break.

    Enjoy and I’ll be here….Blessings.

  6. Caroline, I’m feeling it too. I have been for a long time. And I tried to pressure myself into a creative mode. Can’t be done. Meanwhile you look great in the outfit you’re wearing.

  7. I’m right there with you in life in general. We {my family} are all over the place and it’s exhausting. I have to remind myself that God wants so much more from us than our worry. He tells us not to worry. {I know you said nothing of worrying. Ha. It’s me.} But, I have to make myself stop and breath and not worry.

    You’re not gonna lose me as a reader. I may be new here but I think you’re a pretty sweet gal!

  8. Yep this is 100% normal. There are times I WANT so bad to be creative and inspire on my blog but nothing comes up. And there are times where I don’t feel the creative juices at all. You need to do YOU first

  9. I totally think this is a good thing. You are realizing that you are needed some time with the important things in your life. It is totally okay to stop and breathe, take a few days off to recoup. Your outfit is gorgeous by the way!

  10. I have been in that same place! Now, since I have had to stop blogging and put my shop on hold because of nursing school, I miss it more than ever! Take your time. Before you know it, you will be gushing new creative ideas! 🙂

  11. You’re not alone Caroline! I work a day job on top of my handmade business too and it is exhausting! I go through those funks too where I just can’t bring myself to do anything creative and hide from the sewing room. Sometimes we just need a break to sit back and enjoy things without an endless to do list! You’ll feel that inspiration again when the time is right! Love your skirt!!


  12. I hear you on the jumble brain!!! And then you work all day and all I want to go is get home and start sewing 50 million different things and I hate prioritizing!

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