a new addition

Hi Friends!
Sorry things have been quiet around here!
David and I took a weekend trip to Austin this past weekend to see some friends from college & just relax!
I also snuck some time away to meet up with Mallorie. That girl is a sweetie! :)
Since we’ve been back, things have been busy, busy, busy!!
I’m literally just trying to keep my head above water!
If you follow me on twitter//instagram, you MAY have seen the pics of mine and David’s newest addition.
Meet Sammie.
She is a 5 1/2 week old white lab that we got yesterday.
And let me tell ya, she is precious!
Since we moved into our house several months ago, we’ve been itching to get a lil pup and this seemed like the PERFECT time! Isn’t she adorable? I am already in love.
Tonight our small group is coming over and then we’re gearing up for a fun weekend with my parents in town, so things will probably stay quiet around here for a few days!
NEXT Saturday, September 15th, I’m participating in The Dallas Flea and if you’re local, I’d love for you to pop by!
That being said, this weekend my shop will go on maintenance mode until after the following weekend, so snag those clutches today!!

11 thoughts on “a new addition

  1. I am now going to be dying for pics of Sammie…I love yellow labbies!! My sister’s is 6 years old and sweet as ever, they are dolls when they are pups. And so fun you got to meet up with Mallorie! She was my first blog date and stayed with me in Austin when she was looking to move here :-)

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