How Does it Sew?! :: The Tiny Pocket Tank

Since I began sewing a few years ago, patterns scurrrrred me. It wasn’t until I began my job at the locally owned fabric store that I work at that I was able to get up enough courage to sew something from a pattern.

SO, this Summer I have deemed the Summer of sewing patterns!
And guess what? I have some fun giveaways (with designers!!), guest posts, and other cool stuff lined up all about sewing patterns!

Are you joining us for the Sew-Along? I really hope you are!

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Today, I’m posting about Grainline Studio‘s Tiny Pocket Tank.
Its a PDF download that comes straight to you, so if you get the urge to sew up the pattern, you don’t even have to leave your house!
I saw this pattern floating around Pinterest quite a while ago, and since then have seen several sewing/blog friends sew up their own version. (see here, here, and here)

So here’s my version of The Tiny Pocket Tank.

Here’s what I’ve got to say about it…

With that being said, I’m not sure how you’d make this tank with out its, so this will (sadly) probably be the last tank I make.
I tried it twice, two different methods of applying bias trim & I’m just not good at it.
Maybe I’ll get better with time??

Other than my hatred for bias trim, the tank turned out pretty cute & I love the contrasting bias & pocket.

I sewed mine with Tina Givens voile & it feels OH SO SOFT!

I’m wearing it to work today 😉

I hope I didn’t scare you off with my hatred for bias trim, because I honestly think its a personal problem!! HA!

the details:
fabric: Tina Givens Lullaby in voile
pattern: Grainline Studio’s Tiny Pocket Tank
prep time: 1.5 hours (you have to print out like 12 pages, tape them together, and then cut out your pattern size)
sew time: 1.5 hours

7 thoughts on “How Does it Sew?! :: The Tiny Pocket Tank

  1. This is one of my favorite patterns…I’ve made three! I actually don’t do bias tape on the bottom hem – I just turn it other twice and sew. That would save you a headache 🙂

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