How Does it Sew?! :: The Socialite Dress

Since I began sewing a few years ago, patterns scurrrrred me. It wasn’t until I began my job at the locally owned fabric store that I work at that I was able to get up enough courage to sew something from a pattern.

SO, this Summer I have deemed the Summer of sewing patterns!
And guess what? I have some fun giveaways (with designers!!), guest posts, and other cool stuff lined up all about sewing patterns!
I will be announcing the SEW ALONG PATTERN next Thursday, so stay tuned!!

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Today, I’m sharing a pattern that I truly love:: The Socialite Dress by Anna Maria Horner
A simple, yet fabulous dress.
No zippers, no elastic, nothing difficult.
Just perfect for a sunny Summer day!


the details:
fabric: Jessica Swift
pattern: The Socialite Dress
prep-time: 1 hour
sew-time: 1.5 hours

So, what do you think about that fabric?
I am SORT of obsessed. Its by a semi-new fabric designer named Jessica Swift. She designs for Blend fabrics & I LOVE all of her prints!!!

here’s a little about her ::
Jessica Swift designs things that make people exquisitely HAPPY. Like paintings, prints, and rainboots — for starters. She also creates patterns and images that she licenses to companies who need beautiful + uplifting art for their products– for fabric, stationery, cell phone cases, and beyond. Her motto is majorly simple: live color to the MAX! Because when we surround ourselves with color + beauty, we start to love ourselves — and each other — just a little bit more. You can find Jessica living in her new city, Portland, OR, with her husband and 2 cats and at!

I LOVE THIS! Thanks, Jessica!

If you’ve seen my instagrams, you’ve seen my phone cover. Guess who designed that? YUP. Jessica Swift.
Not a day goes by when I don’t get compliments on that thing ::
She’s here today to give you a fat quarter bundle from her newest line of fabric, Molokai!

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25 thoughts on “How Does it Sew?! :: The Socialite Dress

  1. I am a huge Jessica fan! Have a pair of her rainboots, some of her fabulous artwork adorns the walls of my up and coming sewing studio, and also have done of her fabric which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I just bought her new ebook and hope it will provide me the impetus I need to get my business going. Thanks for the chance to win some of her fabric!

  2. I am so glad that I found your website, Caroline. I look forward to diving in…

    My favorite item of Jessica’s is her Ennika Rain Boots!!!

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