21 thoughts on “Virtual Birthday Partaaaay!

  1. My favorite birthday memory would have to be the huge bunch of flowers my guy sent when he was in the US to the UK for my 23 birthday. They were the first flowers anyone had ever send me and were utterly beautiful.

  2. I would say my favorite birthday memory was my 16th birthday party. It was a surprise and my mom had my best friend from 8 hours away come in to celebrate! I hadn’t seen her in a year. So awesome!

  3. My favorite birthday memory was my 18th birthday. My friends threw me a surprise party and i literally had no clue. It was the most surprised I have ever been!

  4. My favorite birthday memory would have to be when I wore a “birthday cape” to school for my 14th birthday and people gave me the weirdest looks, but it was a tradition for all of my friends to wear it on their birthdays, so it was a lot of fun :)

  5. My favorite birthday memory is my 16th birthday and my parents got me a yard card! So embarassing….well my guy friends snuck over in the night and STOLE the ones off so it read happy sweet 6th birthday…..!!!!! :)

  6. My favorite birthday memory would be a surprise trip to the American Girls Place in Chicago! Little 8-year-old me was thrilled. I’m hoping this next birthday wins out though. I’ll be turning 21 in Paris!

  7. My favorite birthday memory was having fun sleepover parties and having all my friends over & having lots of fun. So many fun memories! Happy Birthday to you both & I hope ya’ll have great days! :-)

  8. my fave bday memory was my 22nd. I was a newlywed, was still living with ALL My besties in college station, and we had dinner at sodolak’s (sweet tea in mason jars way before their time!) & tons of cupcakes. bluebonnets were bloomed all over the road and it was just such a special day!

  9. My favorite birthday memory was my 30th and having a surprise birthday party with lots of people that I love dearly and hadn’t seen in awhile (my first youth group!)

  10. My favorite birthday memory? That’s hard…. Probably my 11th birthday, because two days later, my dad beat cancer! That birthday is tied to something so much bigger than me, and I will always be grateful for it!

  11. this is crazy, but for my 18th birthday I had a big party…i was a total good girl (a preachers kid) at a private school, and a few the kids brought weed, etc.. somehow our principal found out.. and i got called to the office… that was like the one and only time i had a chat with the principal. of course i didnt tell on my friends with the weed.. haha.. that i will never forget.

  12. My favorite birthday memory was my 27th. (I’m old) I thought I was in labor with my now 3 year old!! False alarm. She came 5 days later. Would have been cool to share a bday though.

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