DIY Chair Planter

This project was featured on,, and the fourth printed issue of Crafty Magazine!
A few weeks ago, my mother in law showed me a copy of her Lady’s Home Journal with a picture of a gorgeous hanging basket perched inside an old chair seat.
Of COURSE I had to DIY it. And perfect timing too, since David and I just bought a house last week.
As soon as all the boxes were out of our apartment and into our house, I whipped out a can of spray paint and got to spraying.
The project in its entirety took approximately 30 minutes. And this INCLUDES dry time.
Yep. Its really that simple. And cheap, too!
I found this chair at Goodwill for $3 back in the Fall!
Its super simple…
take an old chair.
pop out the seat.
spray paint your desired color.
place a hanging basket in the seat of the chair.
& don’t forget to water daily!


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38 thoughts on “DIY Chair Planter

    1. Amy, you don’t have to have a porch, they look great in the garden, by your door or even under a tree. Have fun.

      1. We recently moved our camper to a permanent site. There are several well-established gardens throughout the campground. I plan on doing this project with an old chair that is slated for the trash – it will dress up the entrance to our site with a big pot of mums.

  1. Since this is outside, just curious if you used any sort of waterproofing or varnish to protect it?

  2. So pretty! I bought an old chair last year that looks exactly like yours. May I ask what brand/color paint you used? I can’t wait to try this; thanks for sharing!

    1. I am not sure- this was written 3-ish years ago.. my guess would be Rustoleum brand, “seaside” gloss color. But that is a guess =D

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