color-blocked skirt DIY

Who’s loving the color blocking trend these days?
I am kind of diggin’ it, so I thought I’d make a fun color-blocked skirt!
First, take some measurements.
Take your tape measurer and measure the LARGEST part of your rear. Divide this number by 2 and ad 2.5. This will be measurement A.
Measure from your waist (or where you want your skirt to hit) to where you want the hemline and subtract 3. This is measurement B.
Measure around your waist (or where ever you want your skirt to hit) subtract 1. This is measurement C.
Got it? Ok good!
Grab your supplies:
about 3/4 yard of the main fabric and 1/2 yard of the second fabric
1/4″ elastic
rotary cutter or scissors
coordinating thread
cut your fabric.
take your measurements and use the graphic below as a guide!

when your fabric is cut, if you’re going to serge your edges… this is the time to do so!
Go ahead and hem the bottom of your main fabric.
turn your main fabric wrong side up. measure 2″ up from the bottom of your main fabric & pin your accent fabric as pictured below. (Mine didn’t match up on the ends exactly, but that is OK! just make it work ;)) Do this on both main fabric pieces. 
Sew the accent fabric onto your main fabric where you pinned.
When you have done this to both rectangular pieces, make them face right sides together & sew up the side seams. If your pieces didn’t match up (like mine) make sure you take that in account when you are allowing for seams!
When your sides are sewn up, fold & press the top down to form a casing for your elastic. Sew it ALMOST all the way around.
feed your elastic through the casing using a safety pin, zig zag stitch the ends together, and close up the opening!
hem the bottom of your accent piece & you are stylin’ in your new color-blocked skirt!!

-find more tutorials here


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14 thoughts on “color-blocked skirt DIY

  1. Beautiful skirt and colors!! I just bought a serger, and still learning how to get the tensions right!! I just need to sit down and do it!! Have a great day! xo Heather

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