knit + voile = a new Spring shirt (DIY)

Ever thought… hmm I can make that?
I saw this top at Anthropologie the other day and loved the idea of it. I wear tshirts all. the. time.
Now, I usually style them with a skirt, cute j.crew shorts, or mixed with a cardigan so its not so, “oh she just wears tshirts every day…
But I saw this shirt and started thinking…. I can make something like that.
So I did.
Supplies: tshirt & voile scraps
First, either rip or cut the side seams of your shirt (I cut) almost to the arm hole. Do this on both sides and then cut across the top.
take your voile scraps and cut 3.5″ x length of your shirt back that you cut out plus 3″.
Lay them out as you’d like them to appear on the back of your shirt and starting at one end, place the strips right sides together and sew up the long sides. Do this until it is one piece of fabric. (After the strips were sewn together, I went back and topstitched the seams down on the wrong side of the fabric so it doesn’t look awkward and stick out while wearing it.)
Your pieced voile should be longer and wider than the back of your tshirt that you cut out. (If it isn’t, just add more strips!) At the top, gather the voile piece until it is the same length as the cut out tshirt.
Pin right sides together (as shown below) and sew across the top. Repeat this for both side seams until it is back to being a full top!
Now, you’ve got a little more than a tshirt.
A flowy, knit top perfect for wearing to ride your bike, and going to run errands! 🙂


20 thoughts on “knit + voile = a new Spring shirt (DIY)

  1. I think that all the time the “I can so make that” but time usually takes over and I never make it… but this shirt is SO CUTE!! Nicely done, dear!

  2. So cute! I will definitely have to try this out sometime! And yes, I’m like you. I often see things in a store and think “oh, I can make that!” Now, I haven’t ever actually tried making something similar to what I saw in the store. But after this, I just might have to try reproducing the next thing I see!

  3. what a great idea!! i am so the ‘”oh she just wears tshirts every day…” ‘ girl. lol! this would be an awesome thing to have in my closet. thanks for the tutorial!!

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