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Have you met my friend, Leonora? She runs the shop & blog by the name Yellow Heart Art. And, hello, she is hilarious! She’s here on my blog (while David and I are on vacation with my family) to share with you how to get the most out of the clothes you already have in your closet & help us save the monies! :)
Go say hi to her after you read her fun post here!
Hello Sweet Caroline Friends! I’m Leonora over at Yellow Heart Art. I also make pretty things over at Yellow Heart Art, The Shop. I dig mustard yellow, live on an island (don’t be too impressed, its just Long Island. I know, very exotic, you should visit sometime, we can fist pump) have super crazy long hair that one day I will donate, I sing out my day (I’m Leonoraaaa and I’m doing Laundryyyyyy and its a tuesdaaaaaay) (don’t be fooled, it will be a number one hit single one day, and you heard it first here on cotton lane) and I tend to ramble a lot.

I make pretty things all day print by Yellow Heart Art

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I am not rollin’ in the benjamins over here nor is my money tree blossoming at all (I’ve owned the darn thing for quite some time, if anyone knows how to grow a money tree then please holla atcha girl) So I try to get super creative with my wardrobe and make “new outfits” based on what I already have *or* I try to wear some of my summer clothes all year round. Here are some tips and tricks I use that helps extend the life of my wardrobe.

Turn Your Jeans/Jeggings Into Capris
I know some of you are hatin’ on the jegging trend where I for one am lovin’ it something fierce. I need to have a full blown make out session with the dude who invented jeggings. Come on people JEANS that fell like LEGGINGS?! It’s like I’m wearing sweat pants all.the.time.

I like to wear my jeans in the fall, winter and spring. In the fall and winter I’ll tuck my jeans into boots and channel my inner Peter Pan. Sometimes I even think I can fly.

(dig my boots? They’re from Walmart. Big Baller over here)

In the spring time I’ll roll up the bottom 3″ or so of my pants and make a “cuff” and turn them into a faux capri. BAM show off those sexy ankles girl friend, show what ya mamma gave ya.

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Wear a Sun Dresses in the Winter?

  I LIVE in sundresses in the summer time. Its the easiest thing to do: Throw on a super cute patterned dress, add some flip flops and BAM you’re frekkin J-Lo at the oscars (ok, maybe you’re not J-Lo but admit it you’re looking fine) it requires zero effort and thats why I love it.

Now I live in NY so our summers only last for about 3 months, so the way I extend the life of my sundresses is by layering, layering, layering. Some people will just throw on a matching cotton crew neck long sleeve under their spaghetti strap dresses-now I feel like this looks cute on most people but not on me. I feel super awkward. So instead I throw a long sleeve under my spaghetti strap sun dress, add a cardigan over it as well, cinch a belt *over* the cardigan around my waist to give me a waist line again (sometimes adding a bunch of layers makes you look like ryan seacrest and not heidi klum–we’re going to heidi klum status here people) to keep my leg warms I’ll add either tights or leggings, throw on some boots, add a scarf and viola I just added another 4 months to my sundress!


Turn your Dress into a Skirt & a Shirt
Now I’ve seen quite a few fashion bloggers do this and I was mucho impressed. I did this technique while on vacation in florida and It saved me so much space while packing!

You can double the wear of your dress by wearing it as a skirt *and* a top! (wha the whaaat??) This technique tends to work better with dresses that are “A-Line” or “flare out” at the bottom, a pencil dress will not work for this technique. Take the top part of your dress, fold it inside of itself, and BAM you got a skirt! You can see how Lindsay from Hello Hue transformed her Dress into a skirt.

Wanna get your mind even MORE blown? You can also turn your dress into a cute “top”! No, this doesn’t involve taking your skirt and shoving it all into the top of your dress (I mean, if you wanna make it look like you have Dolly Parton cleavage then totally go for it, I wont stop ya) but all ya gotta do is find a skirt that you own that is a wee bit longer than your dress. Just tuck the bottom 1/2 of your dress into your skirt and bada bing you now have a top! Lindsay from Hello Hue sports this look below!

Turn Your Cardigan Into a Sweater
This is probably the biggest no brainer ever and requires no energy at all. Remember that way awesome boy group back in the early 90’s Kriss Kross who wore all their clothes, well, “kriss krossed?” This is kinda the same idea. Extend the wears of your cardigan by wearing it backwards! From the front it’ll look like a solid plain sweater, and the back will have cute button details!

I hope *some* of these tips have helped! Just get creative and scour your closet for new ideas! Sometimes just adding an extra layer makes all the world of difference.

Also if you wanna hang out with me you can do so over here!
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Thank you SO MUCH Caroline for having me here today on your blog! You are the bomb dot com.

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  1. OH MY GOSH!
    I can’t believe I never knew this considering it is so simple and obvious. But I love it! I will definitely be putting an outfit together with this idea in mind this week. Thank you!

    Allie Ruth Morris
    (ps your blog is awesome.)

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