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Good morning, Friends! I am so excited to share with you the lovely Erika of Rouge and Whimsy. Like me, she has a knack for the DIY, so while I’m gone I thought I would ask her to share one of her recent projects. I’m pretty sure you’re going to LOVE it! (oh, and ps- go check out her new line of color blocked bags. ah mazing! I believe this one is my favorite.)
here she is!
 hi sew caroline readers! I’m Erika of the Rouge & Whimsy blog and shop and I’m here to ask you an important question:
Do you have scraps of fabric or paper that you can’t bear to throw away?
I’m the same way.
And while I don’t want to throw anything crafty out — I could use it someday! — I don’t want to end up on a hoarders TV show. So, dear Sew Caroline readers, here’s the solution to both problems: using up the scraps and getting rid of them. Best of both worlds and a new clothespin magnet or chip bag clip!
gather supplies: clothespins, fabric/paper, mod podge, scizzors or cutting mat, optional: magnets, buttons
measure and cut your fabric to the width of your clothespin
slather some major modpodge on the clothespins — before and after you stick the fabric on
buttons, magnets, why not? I’m a sucker for buttons and magnets makes it so your cute clothespins can hold up papers on your fridge or filing cabinet!
want to see more DIYs, fashion posts and of course, the random posts about my crazy puppy? I blog over here and sell pretty color-blocked bags too! And of course, I’m almost always on twitter. 🙂
thanks for having me caroline! say hi to minnie for me!

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Erika//Rouge and Whimsy

  1. Caroline! Whitney has told me time after time that I needed to come check out your awesome blog and I keep forgetting.. until now!! I love your fun, cute, real blog! I can’t wait to see you at Whit’s bach party! Cute invites by the way 😉

    Glad to have stopped by!

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