Envelope Pillow Cover DIY

This project will take you literally 20 minutes.. tops. It is so easy & a great way to quickly (and affordably) spruce up the throw pillows on your couch//bed.
supplies you’ll need:
-fabric (amount depends on size of pillow!)
-accent fabric (optional)
-straight pins
-rotary cutter//scissors
-coordinating thread
-sewing machine
First you have to do a little math… I know, I know. But I promise its easy!
Measure your pillow. (mine measured 16″ x 16″, so those will be my example measurements.)
The height and width will probably be the same.. but, in case their not: no worries!
(A) Measure the height. (16″)
(B) Measure the width, multiply by two, and add 4.5 inches. (16″ x 2 = 32″ + 4.5″ = 36.5″)
Cut a rectangle of fabric measuring A x B (16″ x 36.5″)
are you still with me? I promise that is all the math you’ll have to do regarding this blog post 😉
Once you have your rectangle cut, finish all four edges (serge or zig-zag stitch) and hem the short ends.
Lay the fabric right sides up.
Fold one short edge to the center, and fold the other short edge to the center overlapping the first edge by 2″.
Now, if you are adding accent fabric to the front, take this folded piece of fabric to the ironing board and iron the edges down so you don’t loose your folds!
After the folds are ironed, unfold your fabric rectangle.
Pin & topstitch your accent fabric (ie. my cute elephant) to the front of the rectangle. I placed my right next to the crease I made while pressing the folds! (see?)
Once you accent fabric is good to go, fold your fabric rectangle back together and pin the edges.
Stitch along the top and the bottom, where you pinned.
Flip the pillow cover right side out..
and voila!


14 thoughts on “Envelope Pillow Cover DIY

  1. Thank you SOOOO much for this tutorial! I planned to make pillows this week, and by using this tutorial I am not only doing it faster, but for less money (I don’t have to buy the stuffing!). Plus, with a cat in the house I love that I can take the covers off and wash them! I actually just finished my first cover and it is perfect! Thanks again:)

  2. Thanks so much for letting me know about this tutorial. I was in the shop a couple of days ago and you told me about this pillow cover method. I went home and made two while my kids napped to throw on my bed! Thanks again!

  3. Absolutely love this! Do you think the envelope cover would work just a well with a rectangle pillow? Maybe 12″ x 24″. Also, did you wash your fabric first to keep from shrinking? Can’t wait to do this!

    1. definitely! and no, i don’t typically wash my fabric before… but it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you plan on washing the covers 🙂

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