just so you know…

Around the middle of January, David’s job transferred him to Ohio. A state he and I had never traveled to, and a place neither of us really wanted to live (Texas forever! ha!)
I kept quiet about it on here for personal reasons, but I can officially say: he’s back! For good!
David got a new job in the DFW area and started yesterday. Oh, boy are we happy!
He drove (20+ hours….) home last week and we celebrated Thursday night by grilling out (um, it was 80* outside!) and being together!
On Friday morning, neither of us had work, so we slept in, made our famous Texas-shaped waffles (lots of people have asked me how we make these, and its quite simple: a Texas-shaped waffle iron.. ha ha!), and drank coffee.

so, that being said…
David, you’re the cream to my coffee! I love you & am soooo happy you are back!! xoxoxo

Happy Tuesday, friends!

(the coffee print is for personal use only, please :))

14 thoughts on “just so you know…

  1. So cute! I’m guessing this is the personal reason he couldn’t go to Alabama with you. 😉 I completely understand why you would have no desire to live in Ohio. Almost my entire family lives up there and we make the trip a few times a year. Such a different culture!

  2. I have to say, as a diehard Midwesterner, it’s totally incomprehensible to me why anyone would choose Texas over Ohio! That said, I definitely understand wanting to be in the place that feels like home to you, & I’m so glad you guys have figured out a way to stay in the place you love. But seriously – Ohio isn’t all that bad, ahem, commenter above me!

  3. I love the Texas-shaped waffles! As someone who’s never visited America, I’m intrigued to know what makes Ohio and Texas so different? (apart from the weather I presume)

    1. Fair enough…even in the UK I definitely prefer the south to the north. As America’s so much bigger I guess each state must feel like a different country!

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