homemade peppermint mocha recipe!

Ready for the most delicious holiday drink recipe of the year!? 
ok, here it is y’all!
It just happens to be my most favorite drink at Starbucks, but at $5 a pop, its just not worth it all the time.
So… I did some experimenting & came up with this close second…
what you need:
a handfull of peppermints
hot chocolate mix
whipped cream
espresso/strongly brewed coffee
First, get a cup and a half of milk
add 4-5 peppermints and start heating on the stove.
while the peppermints are melting & the milk is heating up, brew your strong coffee or espresso. (you don’t need a ton!)
When your milk is ready to go, it will be a lovely shade of light pink!
add your milk to the hot chocolate mix.
and then top your hot chocolate off with your espresso/strongly brewed coffee. (probably 1-2 shots of espresso– i usually just eyeball it!)
top your concoction with whipped cream & you’re good to go!

13 thoughts on “homemade peppermint mocha recipe!

  1. Oh yum!!!! Definitely my favorite Starbucks holiday drink and definitely going to try making this version this week while I’m home!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  2. So happy I saw this! I was hoping someone would come up with a good peppermint mocha recipe! I figured out the pumpkin spice when fall began and when the weather got colder I figured I’d try peppermint mocha. Horrible experience. I used hot chocolate but tried to use peppermint extract instead of peppermints. I only used the tiniest drop because I knew it would be strong but even then it was terribly overpowering. So I gave up and figured someone on the blogosphere would have the answer! 😉

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