Scrappy Wreath DIY

Since David and I have returned from our honeymoon, I’ve been a busy bee around our apartment getting things looking like a home. One of my most anticipated parts of organizing our home is setting up my work space (for Cotton Lane and other craft projects). During my years of crafting, I have collected a bunch of stuff that I really don’t need or want… So, I’ve been cleaning out as I’ve been setting up. It really feels good to get rid of stuff that just takes up space and will most likely never be used. 
If you’re a seamstress like me, then you most likely have a pile of scrap fabrics lying around your house. If you do, then you’re in luck. I’ve got the project just for you!
What you need:
-Color coordinating scrap fabrics
-Straight pins
-18″ wreath
-Small piece of ribbon
First, Gather your materials and pick your first fabric. Choose a front and a back side to the wreath (side note: I left the plastic on the wreath because I hate getting that straw stuff everywhere!!), wrap your scrap fabrics around the wreath, and start pinning!
Layer the fabrics so that the wreath doesn’t show from underneath, and when you’re finished, add a loopy ribbon to the top and secure with several pins.
I hung ours on our front door over a command hook, and it looks just fabulous!
This project took me around 15 minutes and I had all the supplies on hand. holler.

I’d love to see YOUR scrappy wreath creation! 🙂

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